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How to Create a Student ID Card [11+ Templates]

An integral part of running a school or any academic institution is the tracking and visual identification of its students, professors, and staff members. And to do that efficiently, school administrators and their team first need to learn how to create a well-designed yet functional business ID card for its students. Get creative with our templates and you can make student ID cards for any place like middle school or kindergarten. Our free download samples are available in different formats like InDesign, PSD, Etc. Read the rest of this article for further insight into the student ID card-making process and to take a look at editable Simple ID card templates.

13+ FREE & Premium Student Id Card Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

5 Steps to Make a Student ID Card

Student ID cards are a necessity when it comes to identifying and tracking individuals within organizations and academic institutions. So if you are tasked with the creation of a school ID card, read and study the next few paragraphs as it will guide you on how to start the ID-making process.

Step 1: Choose a relevant ID card theme and format.

To create an effective student ID card PDF, you first need to choose a design theme and format. This theme needs to coincide with the branding identity of your school or university. Or, it can be congruent to the impression you wish to evoke from people and/or students. For example, if you want to let your community college be identified as a leading academic institution in your state, it is best to follow a formal and professional ID card template.

Step 2: Add branding elements.

To make a student ID card look as credible and professional as your institution, it needs to include your school’s branding identity elements. This means that you need to incorporate your school logo, letterhead design, or even your official school colors.

Step 3: Download a pre-made ID card template.

Next, download a printable and fully editable student ID card template PSD. These are pre-formatted graphic templates that come with all the text, typeface, layout, header, and image elements needed to make an ID card. When you use them, you do not have to craft a student ID card design from scratch.

Step 4: Edit the template and incorporate security measures.

Next, open your preferred graphic design or editing software and start customizing your photo card ID template. For student IDs, you will need to replace the text placeholders with student information like the person’s name, address, date of birth, student number, and course or grade level. It is also at this step where you need to add the student’s photo and incorporate security measures like adding bar codes, holograms, and other identifying marks to the ID card.

Step 5: Print on high-quality material.

Lastly, save the final student ID card design and start printing it. It is best to use PVC or plastic material to ensure that the ID card samples is durable and can render ink well. Quality-check the printed student ID before distributing it to students.

Creating a student ID card is just like making any kind of employee ID card. What sets it apart is the inclusion of the school’s branding identity elements. Follow all the steps outlined above and you will have a relatively easier time making your ID cards.

8+ Student ID Card Templates

Featured below are student ID card templates in Word, ID card templates in Illustrator, ID card templates in Apple Pages, and ID card templates in Publisher file formats. Choose an ID card design that allows you to best represent your organization or business.

1. Student ID Card Template with QR Code


The Blue Student ID Card Template shown above is perfect for schools or universities that already use blue as their official school color. Nevertheless, you may still download this PSD template and customize its built-in color palette to match your school’s preferred color palette. A tip: Check a color simple chart first to find out if your preferred colors are complementary or not.

2. Student Horizontal ID Card Design


The Student ID Card Template featured above is a photo ID card with an added bar code security mechanism. This ID card template is available in multiple file formats like MS Word (DOC), Publisher (PUB), Apple Pages (Pages), Adobe Illustrator (AI), and Photoshop (PSD) to make it easier for you to personalize the template according to your school’s branding image.

3. University Student ID Card Template


The Student University ID Card Template shown above is specifically created for those looking for a well-designed university or college ID card template. With the template’s horizontal ID card design, you may present more student information on the card and make it more readable. Security measures like bar codes and hologram designs have also been incorporated into the template design.

4. Coreldraw Design Vertical Student ID Card Example


With the Photo Student Blank ID Card Template (shown above), you can present a student’s essential information in an organized single-column layout. This standard ID template is fully editable so you may still change the logo template design, color palette, and even the font styles used.

5. Modern Student ID Card Template


Choose the Student Modern ID Card Template (embedded above) if you prefer a professional-looking yet minimalist ID card design. This is a multipurpose ID card template PSD that academic institutions and business organizations may download and use due to its universal format.

6. Blank ID Card Design for Student


Creating ID cards for a school’s entire student body can take a lot of time. To cut down on the time spent customizing each education ID card Format, you may use pre-made templates like the Blank Student ID Card Template featured above. This template features pre-formatted blanks/spaces that editors may easily replace with each student’s information. It is available in DOC, AI, PUB, and Pages file download formats.

7. Simple Creative ID Card Template


Need a truly minimalist ID card design? The Simple Blank ID Card Template (featured above) is perfect for that. This downloadable template is best printed on a white background to make the student’s photo and profile stand out. Tip: When using templates like this, make sure to add your school’s logo or printable letterhead design at the top of the ID card.

8. High School Student Identity Card Example

Pick the Student Identity Card Template illustrator (embedded above) if you need a formal identity or name card template design for a grade school or high school. This kind of ID card template is best used by schools that require students to change or update their IDs at the start of every school year.

9. Minimal College Student ID Card with Number Template

The Minimal Student ID Card Template (shown above) has a truly minimal ID card template design. Feel free to change the ID card’s border and header colors to match your academic institution’s image. If you prefer, you may also change the ID card’s horizontal orientation into a vertical ID card design orientation one. Tip: Always use high-resolution photos to avoid pixelation when the ID card template is printed out.

10. Middle School Student ID Card

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 115 KB


11. Secondary School Student ID Card From

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 178 KB


12. Kindergarten Homeschool Student ID Card Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 101 KB


To learn more about different kinds of ID printable cards and to get a chance to download more card templates, check out the rest of our website. For now, do not forget to bookmark this page so that you can easily refer back to the ID-making tips later on.

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