How to Make a Photographer Business Card [10+ Templates]


You can never call yourself a good photographer if you don’t know how to pay close attention to details. When composing your shots, it should be able to capture all the best features while still creating a focal point. If you think you’ve got what it takes, feel free to use our business card templates to make yourself known.

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Steps to Create a Photographer Business Card

Step 1: Give yourself a branding personality

For people to be able to distinguish you from other photographers, you should provide a branding personality for yourself. Whether it is through the use of a logo, a color scheme, or an overall theme to represent you, make sure to incorporate it to your business card’s design and stick with it.

Step 2: Pick a style for your business card

Between branding identity and style, the latter leans more towards a preference or a uniqueness factor to your business card in order for it to gain attention. In terms of style, this includes the type and size of the business card, the tone, and whether or not to include graphical elements.

Step 3: Download a business card template

Below, you’ve got over ten photographer business card templates to choose from and these templates have been gathered from highly reliable sources. Make sure to choose a business card template that suits your chosen style and preference, although we’re sure that your business card will still turn out excellent nonetheless.

Step 4: Add, remove or rearrange elements

All of our business cards below are fully and easily editable as long as you’re using the right tool. If you prefer editing using Adobe Photoshop, then make sure to edit business card templates in PSD. This way, you can do as much as add more elements, remove unnecessary ones, or rearrange them.

Step 5: Verify the content

Go through the entire business card and check for accuracy in every detail. This will not only prevent the risk of misleading people but it can also boost your credibility. Afterward, you can then proceed to get your business cards printed out so you can hand them out to your target audience.

10+ Photographer Business Card Templates

1. Professional Photographer Business Card Template

1 Download

A professional photographer should be using a professional-looking business card, it’s basically how they can make themselves project a credible image. With this business card template, you’ll get a balance between a creative and a classy look which is just right to keep your business card from looking uninteresting.

2. Photographer Studio Business Card Sample

2 Download

While the business card template above is designed for an entire photography studio, freelance photographers may still be allowed to use it simply because it has the features needed to represent them. Whatever type of photographer you are, feel free to download this template and use it for making your own business cards.

3. Click Pic Photographer Business Card

3 Download

Keep your business card classy and the easiest way of doing it is by using a dark color scheme and limiting the number of elements. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out the elegant business card template above. But if you want to make your job easier, you can just download the template instead.

4. Minimal Photographer Business Card Example

4 Download

As mentioned in the previous template, you don’t necessarily need to add too many elements to make your business card look presentable. However, the difference between this and the last one is its tone wherein this one prefers the light theme. Nevertheless, the minimalist style still manages to make the design look classy.

5. Metro Style Photographer Business Card

5 Download

The metro theme was initially made popular by the Windows 8 operating system but has since started to find its way to other fields in design. The design on the colorful business card template above is an example of the metro theme wherein details are organized into tiles of varying colors.

6. Photographer Camera Business Card Design

6 Download

When people get their hands on this business card, they’ll no longer need to ask what you do because this pretty much sums up everything. Save yourself the hassle in having to explain your profession, use this template so you can leave it to your business card to do all the talking.

7. Colorful Photography Business Card Layout

7 Download

Here’s a business card template that you might find funky because of its use of multiple colors. The design is somewhat reminiscent of retro cameras although it only shows how timeless those are if this template manages to attract attention. If you find this funky business card template interesting, go ahead and download it.

8. Artistic Photographer Business Card Format

8 Download

Basically, a painting is just like a photo although it provides the artist more control over the realism (or lack thereof) of the image. Check out the business card template above, while one side is entirely reserved for the text, the opposite side contains a photo that looks just like a painted masterpiece.

9. Modern Photographer Business Card Template

9 Download

Here’s a modern yet formal business card template that you can use to share your contact details with other people, particularly your target clients. You can use one side of the business card to showcase some of your best shots while using the other side to list down all your contact details

10. Blurred Effect Photographer Business Card

10 Download

It’s a common technique of photographers to blur out the image’s background in order to put emphasis on a specific element. The photographer business card template above effectively demonstrates this technique by blurring out the entire image which forces the reader to direct their attention towards the text.

11. Stylish Photographer Business Card Design

11 Download

Why settle with only one orientation when you can do both for a single design? The professional business card template above will show you how it’s done, and it involves having one side in the portrait orientation and the other side in the landscape orientation. If you like what you’re seeing, download the template now.

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