9+ Flooring Patterns


Flooring is the main covering of a floor. It is used for both visual and necessity purposes. It may be made from different materials and have variations in terms of design and texture.

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Flooring completes a space’s visual aesthetic and must be planned properly according to the layout of the place, the type of material to be used as flooring, and the overall look that a certain place has to achieve. A certain flooring can change the mood of the location where it is to be placed.

Aside from flooring patterns, we also have Vector Patterns available for download.

Tileable Seamless Flooring Pattern

tilable seamless flooring pattern1Download

Modern Flooring Pattern

modern flooring patternDownload

Stone Flooring Pattern

stone flooring patternDownload

Brick Flooring Pattern

brick flooring pattern1Download

Tile Flooring Pattern

tile flooring patternDownload

As a  permanent covering of a floor, a flooring must both be pleasing to the eyes and must be able to serve its function and purpose of usage for a long period of time with a little to no maintenance. The proper usage of flooring and knowing the right material that you want to use is very essential with regard to this matter.

Construction companies and flooring material manufacturers usually elaborate the different kinds of flooring that you may use and how they vary in terms of characteristics.

A flooring may be made from the following material:

  • Tiles. It is very common for buildings and houses to use this kind of flooring. There are different variations of tiles and may be seen with different patterns, colors, and sizes. You may view our Tile Patterns for tile references you could add to your designs.
  • Stones. Stone flooring may be seen more on outside locations or gardens. They may be made from big stones that are either flat or textured or it can also be done through different pebble stones attached together by cement.
  • Brick. A brick is a common flooring to pathways and dirty kitchens. They have a more relaxed aesthetic and an industrial yet laid back feel.
  • Laminate. It is often confused that a laminate is a kind of hardwood flooring. Mainly, a laminate is a thinner piece of wood usually made out of ply and is covered with plastic.
  • Wood. Themed restaurants and vintage houses usually have wood flooring. Other than sweeping them, wood flooring usually require waxing depending on its type.

Wood Flooring Pattern

wood flooring patternDownload

Seamless Flooring Pattern

seamless flooring patternDownload

Blue Flooring Tiles Pattern

blue flooring tiles patternDownload

Parquet Flooring Pattern

parquet flooring patternDownload

Vintage Flooring Pattern

vintage flooring patternDownload

As a home or business owner, it truly depends on you on what kind and type of tile to use for your space. Remember that it can greatly affect the entire space so choose carefully. You may use a specific tile for certain reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • A pop of color. If you think that the interior of your place is a bit boring or too simple, you may add a bright colored tile type so it can bring character to the area.
  • Coordination. Some tiles are chosen because the over all aesthetic of the place is related to how the tile actually looks like
  • Functionality. You need to know which tile is appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use.
  • Location.You need to know the activity that is needed to be done within a specific area where the tiles are going to be placed. You just can’t put a brick tile at the master’s bedroom without prior considerations, right?

For more Floor Tile Patterns, our website offers collections for you to choose from.

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