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The color pink is usually associated with girls and women. This is mainly because of the femininity incorporated with the color and the way that the color has been used in different items that are usually consumed, purchased, and used by the specific gender. Though there are variations in terms of the use of the particular color nowadays, there are still a lot of things, designs and materials that can be visually improved just by using the color pink as their main inspiration or color design.

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We can give you samples of different pink patterns and a few idea on how they can be used so that you will be guided by various techniques on how you can apply this color in different items and materials. Other than that, we also have samples and templates of Watercolor Patterns, which you may want to view and download.

Pink Chevron Pattern

pink chevron patternDownload

Pink Floral Pattern

pink floral patternDownload

Polka Dot Pink Pattern

polka dot pink patternDownload

Plaid Pink Pattern

plaid pink patternDownload

Design Patterns Where the Use of Color Pink Is Appropriate

A few of the design patterns where the color pink will look its best and can greatly affect the output of a project or any item where it will be placed are as follows:

  • The pink chevron pattern can be used in materials that need a simple yet striking design.
  • Pink floral patterns are combinations of different flower structures, outlines, silhouettes, and/or actual images.
  • Polka dot pink patterns may be done either by using the color pink as a background or using it as the color of the dots to be organized in a certain manner. Moreover, different shades of pink may be used in a specific polka-dot pink pattern.
  • Plaid pink patterns and pink checkered patterns are easy to be done and incorporated in a design as they are linear, structured, and are just composed of intersecting lines with different volume, weight, and colors. In a particular design application, you can either use different shades of pink in various lines, use a single pink color and just use different line heaviness, or include other colors so that the pink hue will stand out even more.
  • Shape- and form-inspired patterns like the heart pink pattern and swirl pink pattern can look better if there will be different shades of pink that will be used, depending on the material where they will be placed as a design.

Aside from our pink pattern samples and templates, we can also provide you with other downloadable Girly Patterns in the link provided.

Pink Checkered Pattern

pink checkered patternDownload

Pink Glitter Pattern

pink glitter patternDownload

Heart Pink Pattern

heart pink patternDownload

Pink Lace Pattern

pink lace patternDownload

Swirl Pink Pattern

swirl pink patternDownload

Suggestions in Using Pink Patterns

If you will use pink patterns as the design of any project that you want to improve in terms of its appearance and visual impact, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • Do not be afraid to use textures in the design. The color pink is greatly affected by shadows and other factors that are brought by the textures of the items where they are used. You can use pink lace patterns or pink glitter patterns if you want an additional visual aesthetic where the particular color is visible but not in a plain manner.
  • If you will use different shades of pink in the same document, make sure that you will apply a variety of differences that can be seen in the shapes where the colors are placed, the weight of the varying colors, the mixture of different pink hues, and the overall impact that the color incorporation can provide.

Aside from our samples of pink pattern templates, we can also provide you with templates of a variety of Simplicity Patterns.

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