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7+ Glitter Patterns

If you’ve been experimenting with creative patterns and designs but always seem to come up short, then maybe what you need is a little sparkle, not just in the eyes but in the actual design. Using glitter patterns is a bold move to make. They can be loud and dominating but magical and sophisticated.

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And if you find these qualities appealing and are exactly what you’re looking for, then this list of glitter patterns are perfect for you. Downloadable and Photoshop-ready, our glitter patterns as well as our Photoshop patterns are editable and free of charge.

Vector Glitter Patterns

Seamless Glitter Patterns

Golden Glitter Patterns

Glitter Texture Photoshop Patterns

Some Shimmer and Sparkle

Glitter is an essential element in the world of magic and mystique. With their ability to reflect light at certain angles that have iridescent effects, it’s no mystery why glitter is a go-to ingredient when one sets out to dazzle. For visually appealing graphic designs, glitter images or patterns come in a variety of formats. On this list, we’ve got Vector Patterns, Seamless Patterns, and glitter patterns categorized by color and style.

If you’re having trouble picking out the color for your glitter pattern, then maybe you should look deeper into the meaning of each individual color. We’ve got a short run-down to help you out:

  • Gold is the color of success and wealth. The color usually indicates something that is high class or of a respectable status. (Have you seen or read The Great Gatsby recently?) Using the Golden Glitter Patterns for invitations or posters are highly appropriate for high-class events or parties.
  • Red is the color of fiery passion and love. Adventurous and energetic, Red Glitter Patterns are perfect for romance and mystery. If you want something more playful and charming, the Pink Glitter Patterns may be more suitable.
  • Confidence and wisdom exude from the Blue Glitter Patterns while Green represents growth and life. They’re great for more serene and calm designs.
  • Patterns like the Silver Glitter Pattern exude a more modern and sleek vibe. If you want your design looking elegant and graceful, why not try this one out?

If you’re still having wondering which color of glitter pattern suits best for you, you can always try them all and experiment a while. We’ve also got Glitter Texture Photoshop Patterns and abstract patterns for you to get creative with.

Red Glitter Patterns

Pink Glitter Patterns


Silver Glitter Patterns


Blue Glitter Patterns

How Glitter Can Make Anything Look Great

Before getting started on your art projects and decor, always keep in mind the theme or the message you want to send out. Glitter Patterns are a way of emphasizing the overall vibe of what you want to achieve. They can make increase the personality of your craft by 1000 percent. And these glitter patterns especially have ways of making everything easier and convenient for you.

  • They are Photoshop ready and editable.
  • The vector and seamless formats are easy to manipulate and edit.
  • Are adjustable in size without compromising the quality.

Ready to Dazzle

Knowing what you want for your artistic endeavors is great. But also remember to be crafty and creative and to experiment with new materials every now and then. You might end up creating something totally unexpected and great. These free and downloadable Glitter Patterns are available for you to try out and make something of your own. Go ahead and make your art look sparkly and mesmerizing. Take a look at this art deco patterns if you’re looking for something more classic.

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