9+ Hippie Patterns


Searching for hippie patterns? We can help you with that. We’ve provided you here with an list of hipster patterns that will surely capture your hearts. Hipster designs are sophisticated and at the same time meaningful.

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Hipster culture has also influenced the world of arts and fashion. It embraces the spirit of diversity and just loving your own style and skin. Because of the openness of such school of thought, many adopt their lifestyles. So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling down and see for yourself our empowering hippy patterns. If you’re looking for Photoshop Patterns, we also have some templates in store for you.

Hippie Doodles Pattern

hippie doodles patternDownload

Hippie Boho Pattern

hippie boho patternDownload

Hippie Flowers Pattern

hippie flowers patternDownload

Psychedelic Hippie Pattern

psychedelic hippie patternDownload

Seamless Hippie Pattern

seamless hippie patternDownload

Different Faces of Hipster Patterns

As you can see from our templates, there are various patterns to choose from. Hippy patterns are indeed diverse. Let’s get to know some of the designs and patterns we have on our website.

  • Psychedelic Hippie Pattern. Based on history, it was during the counterculture movement that the psychedelic art was commonly used. It refers to any kind of artwork that emphasizes illusions which are products of psychedelic experiences. They may appear strange but the patterns are indeed vibrant and worth the try.
  • Hippo Boho Pattern. One of the favorites among teenagers nowadays. The pattern is a mixture of class and sophistication with a sprinkle of wildness. The designs are timeless.
  • Hippy Retro Pattern. The patterns will enable you to take a tour down memory lane. It has a nostalgic effect. It is a proof that the old is never obsolete but has transformed into something much more wonderful.

These are just some of the faces of a hipster pattern. As you can see, they are still many to mention. They will elevate your designs and add more genuine love and passion on your design. If you’re looking for Art Deco Patterns, we also have some templates for you. Just click on the link provided to access them.

Hippie Style Retro Pattern

hippie style retro patternDownload

Bright Colorful Hippie Pattern

bright colorful hippie patternDownload

Hippie Fractal Pattern

hippie fractal patternDownload

Geometric Hippie Pattern

geometric hippie patternDownload

Modern Hippie Pattern

modern hippie pattern Download

Easy-to-Download Hippy Patterns

Hippy patterns are interesting and unique. They are not like any other pattern because they emphasize a certain culture and way of life. Likewise, hippy icons are not just ordinary but extraordinary, and they empower diversity. In line with this, here are some the characteristics of our hipster patterns:

  • Empowers one’s human nature. They are considered as humanistic patterns because it is centered more on how an individual embraces oneself amid the dictates of the society. Hipster, as a culture, delves deeper on the humanity of the person. It will enrich our humanity because we accept our true selves and not just conforming to the settled norms.
  • High quality. You don’t have to worry about IT- related technicalities because our patterns come with high-quality designs and resolutions, so printing is no problem even at large-scale mediums. Upon downloading them, you can easily use them right away to enhance and complement your designs.
  • Meaningful and historical. Going deeper on the rationale and roots of hippy culture, it has also their own share of history. Every stroke of the pattern has its own story to tell.

These are just some of the highlights of hipster patterns. You can also check out our Zentangle Patterns which are also high-quality designs. Feel free to download and use them.

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