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8+ Celtic Patterns

Celtic art is an enchanting area of patterned art that has survived since the ancient Celts—the Scots, the Welsh, the Irish, the Bretons. Often seen and revered in churches and ancient relics, the mystic charm of Celtic art has also made its way to the realm of Photoshop Patterns, as all art styles must one day do. Artists looking to bring some of the Celtic allure to their graphic projects will love this collection of free PSD and vectors for Celtic patterns.

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We have also thrown in a couple of PNGs of some great examples of Celtic art in everyday objects, for inspiration. See if you can spot them.

Seamless Celtic Pattern

Stained Glass Celtic Pattern

Celtic Tattoo Pattern

What Is Celtic Art?

Celtic art originated from the ancient eighth-century Indo-Europeans, the Celts, who can be categorized into two groups—the Brythonic (British) Celts and the Gaelic Celts. The Brython include the Welsh, Cornish, and Bretons. The Gaels are Irish, Scots, and people of the Isle of Man.

Naturally, it is a long and checkered history—very distinct. Many people who know nothing of the Celts still recognize the unmistakable interlocking geometric patterns and swirls with nature patterns straight from the ancient sculpture and metalwork of Celtic art.

How Can I Use It?

Every digital artist in any niche and genre has cultivated their own range of Photoshop brushes, vectors, textures, and patterns when they’ve been in the industry long enough. Naturally, you may want to include these symbolic and unmistakable Swirl Patterns of the ancient Celts in your resources, whether you are into themed interior decoration or fantasy digital painting.

Celtic patterns have the unique ability to adapt itself to any project you have going, lending it some of its unique flavor. People have been known to tattoo the floors and carpet their skin with designs such as these.

Graphic designers and Photoshop artists will no doubt find many uses for these patterns. A few ideas:

  • Celtic Tattoo Pattern. Yes, as tattoos, but we’ve seen metal charms, bookmarks, and wallpapers based on this design.
  • Free Celtic Pattern. With storybook trees and leaves. Great wallpaper idea for a child’s bedroom or a library.
  • Seamless Celtic Pattern. Multipurpose pattern that you can patch or texture-map over a large area, thanks to its edges designed to connect. Wallpaper, clothing, wrapping paper, quilts. (For quilt-work, however, you can do better. See the Celtic Quilt Pattern for a great example of how the Celts do it.)
  • Celtic Pattern Border. Patterns like these can be found in sleeve and neck tattoos, curtain patterns, medieval costume design, and wainscoting.

Black and White Celtic Pattern

Sample Celtic Pattern

Celtic Pattern in Photoshop

Celtic Pattern Border

Celtic Quilt Pattern

How to Download and Use These Patterns

The pattern samples are available as Hi-Qty Patterns that you can download as modifiable PSD files or rescalable vectors, depending on the offered product specs.

Some are free, and others are accessible only past a paywall and may have to be licensed to be used fully in commercial projects. Make sure you consider all these details before using.

If you are merely looking for inspiration, we have them here on aplenty.

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