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9+ Brick Patterns

When looking for a wallpaper design either for a room, car paint, or phone or desktop wallpaper, a stunning one is the number 1 priority of almost everyone—something that will really catch their attention, a design that can create a positive statement towards viewers. One unique design in which we also offer is a brick pattern. This type of layout has that countryside feel, like living in a cozy house made of bricks feeling the fresh air and surrounded by sweet prismatic flowery plants.

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Brick patterns are a great design for almost anything, just like with tile patterns. Here, we have a variety of choices that you can download. All of them are for free. You can check below for more image samples.

Brick Floor Tile Pattern

Brick Wall Pattern


Brick Herringbone Pattern

Chevron Brick Pattern


Diamond Brick Pattern


What Is Brick?

The brick is a type of building material used to create walls, pavements, and other elements when talking about masonry construction. Basically, the term brick refers to a unit composed of clay; however, now, it used to designate any units in rectangular shape laid in mortar. A brick can also be composed of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, or other concrete materials used for construction.

It is produced so many classes, types, materials, and sizes, which differ with country and years, and it is being produced in bulk. There are two main or basic categories of bricks, and they are fired and nonfired bricks. Also, a block is similar in term and is referring to a rectangular unit of a building composed of the same elements, but this one is much larger than a brick.

Types of Bricks

There are hundreds and hundreds of brick types. They are named for their use, size, origin, texture, and forming method.

  • Extruded. Made by being forced through an opening in a steel die, with a very consistent size and shape.
  • Wire-cut. Cut to size after extrusion with a tensioned wire which may leave drag marks.
  • Molded. Shaped in molds rather than being extruded.
  • Machine-molded. This clay is forced into moulds using pressure.
  • Handmade. Clay is forced into molds by a person
  • Dry-pressed. Similar to soft mud method but starts with a much thicker clay mix and is compressed with great force.

Regardless of the modern tools and equipment available today, bricks will always be part of every construction scaffold. A useful and essential material in terms of architecture.

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Mosaic Brick Pattern


Seamless Brick Pattern


Black and White Brick Pattern

3D Brick Pattern

Circular Brick Pattern


Some Common Uses of Bricks

  • Construction of a building arch and corner.
  • Construction of walls of any size.
  • Construction of brick retaining wall.
  • Making Khoa (broken bricks of required size) use as an aggregate in concrete.
  • Manufacture of surki (powdered bricks) to be used in lime plaster and lime concrete.
  • Construction of floors and walls.

Advantages of Bricks

  • They enhance the thermal mass of the building, giving boost in comfort in the summer heat and winter cold and can also be ideal for passive solar applications.
  • They do not require painting and they can provide a structure with reduced life cycle costs. Though sealing will reduce potential spalling due to frost damage, still they resist heat and will provide good protection against fire.
  • Their appearance is well crafted and can share an impression of solidity and permanence.
  • They are also resistant to cold and moist weather conditions and enables the construction of permanent buildings in areas where the climate is much harsher.

We should never belittle what bricks can do. They can provide numerous benefits to people, apart from just a mere form of hard and cemented rectangular solid material. Not just that, we can also incorporate them into art. And that is what we have here—our unique collection of brick patterns and Photoshop patterns. These are for everyone to make use of. And they are all download ready!

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