18+ Paisley Patterns

The Paisley pattern originated in India and Persia. This droplet-shaped vegetable motif is also referred to as the “Persian pickles” in the US, especially when it is on textiles and quilts. Paisley fabric patterns have influenced many designs all over the world and it comes in various styles and colors. You will be amazed when you see how this simple pattern gives a grand twist to the design on your wallpapers, brushes, furniture, etc. Here is a collection of 15 Paisley Patterns for you.

paisley patterns

Paisley Elegance Pattern

paisley elegance pattern

Paisley Collective Pattern

paisley collective pattern

Classic Paisley Pattern

classic paisley pattern

Potter Paisley Pattern Free DownloadDownload

Paisley is a term used for a design with boteh or buta, which is a droplet-shaped vegetable. This lovely design is famous among the clothing designers and quilt makers. The loveliness of the paisley is what had made people fond of it and motivate them to use it in various ways. The design of the paisley that is identical to the fig- shape is a natural inspiration and it has been adopted to beautify various artistic stuff. This design comes with a long history of its origin and it is still evolving in different parts of the world.

Paisley Patterns Download

paisley patterns download

Seamless Paisley Patterns Download

seamless paisley patterns download

Cross Stitch Paisley Pattern Download

cross stitch paisley pattern download

Seamless Pattern with Paisley Download

seamless pattern with paisley download

New Paisley Pattern Download

new paisley pattern download

Potter Paisley Pattern Free Download

potter paisley pattern free download

Gray Paisley Pattern

gray paisley pattern

This Seamless Pattern is designed only with three sober colors i.e., gray, white and black. It is editable clustered pattern and the colors are a good option for decoration and drapery.

Turkish Paisley Pattern

turkish paisley pattern

This colorful Turkish paisley pattern on a black background bears paisleys of several sizes and shape variations. These are great options for a frame-work, wedding decoration, henna application designs, ethnic wears, etc.

Etched Copper Paisley Pattern

etched copper paisley pattern

This paisley pattern present on an etched copper sheet measuring 4×3” is available for $11. You can cut out necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles, finger rings, and other jewelry from this.

Black Paisley Pattern

black paisley pattern

This is a white colored paisley pattern on a square shaped, black colored pattern which is perfect for bandanas. This pattern is available in high-resolution and different sizes to suit your project needs.

Decorative Paisley Patterns

decorative paisley patterns

This seamless design bears ornamental paisley patterns in tightly packed circular motifs. This editable and layered design comes with a shiny texture; and is a great option for decorative purposes.

Mehendi Paisley Pattern

mehendi paisley pattern

This Turkish paisley pattern bears paisleys in different maroon hues on a white background. The variety of sizes and shapes of paisleys in this design is great for mehendi application and drawings.

Orange and Blue Paisley Pattern

orange and blue paisley pattern

This intricate orange and blue paisley pattern from the LovingKindness Gifts is available for $3. This high resolution picture can serve as a background for scrapbooks, photos, wall arts, etc.

Vintage Floral Paisley Patterns

vintage floral paisley patterns

This seamless vintage floral design bears never-ending curvy golden lines forming different leafy and paisley patterns over a white background. This design would perfectly suit textile printing, a drawing or on decorative items.

Multicolor Paisley Pattern

multicolor paisley pattern

This seamless, multicolored, elegant and ornate paisley design is quite attractive; and is available at $3. This JPG image is editable, has a high resolution; and can be used on wallpapers, textiles, etc.

Colorful Paisley Pattern

colorful paisley pattern

This beautifully designed seamless paisley pattern comes in an elegant multiple color mixture which includes purple, blue, white, saffron and black. It is a good on fabric, textiles and as wallpaper pattern.


The seamless blue colored paisley and floral patterns on a watercolor background perfectly suits textiles, wrappers, ornaments, wallpapers, etc. Priced at $4, this comes as a JPG image and Vector EPS.

Wrapping Paisley Pattern

wrapping paisley pattern

This pattern has decoratively designed paisleys and curvy floral lines in three differently colored columns. This seamless pattern has been created for wrapping paper, backgrounds, wallpaper, covers, phone cases, etc.

Ornate Paisley Pattern

ornate paisley pattern

This beautifully designed ornate Paisley pattern in multiple colors is available for free download. Bearing a traditional touch, this pattern would look great on bed sheets, textiles, backgrounds, wallpapers, wrapping sheets, etc.

Blue Ornament Paisley Pattern

blue ornament paisley pattern

This beautiful and ornamentally designed paisley pattern in different shades of blue in a blue backdrop is available for free download. This seamless paisley pattern can be used for wallpapers and decorations.

Textile Paisley Pattern

textile paisley pattern

Fragmented Paisley Pattern

fragmented paisley pattern

Red Paisley Pattern

red paisley pattern

Paisley and Floral Patterns definitely render a rich and beautiful look to the item they are present on. This is the reason why these patterns which were used only on fabrics, are now being applied on diverse goods including furniture, wall paper, shoes, decorative items, and many more. Being creative with these can generate a lot of attractively innovative designing work.