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Lines are seen almost everywhere, be it in school that you use as a common term in geometry class and lines are used in your art classes. Distinctions follow, when in class, you use specific lines as plainly straight objects; and lines in your art class often created images after they are drawn repetitively in different angles and different strokes.

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This is what they refer to as line art or line drawing. When you wish to create not only images but as well as designs, lines are the foundation of everything you create, and there you emphasize form and outline. Check out the line Photoshop Patterns we offer on this page and more from our website!

Seamless Line Pattern

seamless line patternDownload

Retro Lines Pattern

retro lines patternsDownload

Simple Line Patterns

simple line patternDownload

Geometric Line Patterns

geometric line patternDownload

Line Art Pattern

line art patternDownload

An Important Element of Art

As an element of art, lines visually provide the distance between two points. It will give you the size of your designs in length and in width. Even Geometric Patterns could qualify as designs and artworks. When you refer to digital designs, lines are sometimes termed as strokes.

You could possibly run out of ideas how to do creative lines to come up with even attractive images, and when that happens, you twist your creativity to come up with new ones. Even with the smallest detail, lines could even come up as art in dark, written, or lightly drawn ones.

These designs will amaze you that they actually are done with lines!

  • Aztec Line Pattern. Ethnic and tribal inspired designs will surely stir up your creativity. You can actually base your modern creations with ancient art. Not only do you get actual designs, you also get a theme of your artwork.
  • Retro Lines Pattern. It may seem a little impossible to create retro designs with lines, but the only secret to making these lines look retro is its color. Lines should not only be drawn as it is, you can always fill it with colors just as you please even when retro is not your thing.
  • Simple Line Patterns. When you find beauty in simplicity, simple line designs might attract you most. Simple lines can still create beautiful outlines and images.

Aztec Line Pattern

aztec line patternDownload

Diagonal Line Pattern

diagonal line patternDownload

Floral Line Pattern

floral line patternDownload

Wavy Line Pattern

wavy line patternDownload

White Lines Pattern

white lines patternDownload

An Important Element of Art: Part II

Artworks cannot do away with lines in them. When you discover patterns to your artworks, you also discover a new way of creating. It may be complicated when you do not know how to start designing with just plain lines, but once you find your pattern, it will now be just as easy.

We also offer Free Vector Patterns you can check out and discover more patterns. As the main element in your artworks, you will really have to be creative with just starting with your outline. Since it is implied that your artworks and designs are generated from lines, you will have to deal with a lot of creativity in managing patterns. Check out some more patterns:

  • Diagonal Patterns. These patterns are useful when you want to maximize spaces for your artworks. These patterns could make lines looks more useful to fill spaces in artworks that are not anymore reachable with big line patterns.
  • Wavy line Patterns. These patterns might be very dependent on the theme of your artwork. At some instances when your patterns might not go with your theme, you can add colors to it.

Choosing line patterns and style will make your artwork attractive and interesting!

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