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19+ Cool Jungle Patterns

Jungle patterns never seem to run out of style, especially if you’re the type who loves designs and illustrations of nature, leaves, and the like. No matter the season, having tropical and natural designs up your sleeve is always a good way to keep your works refreshing and interesting.

What we’ve got prepared are some of the best and new jungle patterns you can use for your walls, cards, and so much more. From free to premium seamless patterns and vector designs, download your pick and effortlessly incorporate them into your works. Start scrolling!

Seamless Vector Jungle Background


Download this Seamless Vector Jungle Background if you want a classy and simple seamless pattern for your wallpaper, journal covers, or phone cases It’s got a clean color palette, and features certain types of leaves and floral patterns that keep the whole look simple and neat.

Black and White Jungle Pattern


If you prefer to keep it subdued and simple, this black and white leaf pattern is the best option for you. Download this pattern for a seamless wallpaper design, or background image for your flyers, online banners, and more. It has an effective way of not drawing too much attention, while not being too dull as well.

Tropical Flower Background

This Tropical Flower Background would definitely look good on almost anything. Download this lovely tropical pattern for your personal greeting cards, event posters, or book illustrations. They’re friendly and youthful designs that are far from intimidating anyone.

Jungle Fern Leaves


If you want something more realistic and mysterious-looking, this Jungle Fern Leaves image is available for your use. Get this dark and brooding design for your more intimate contemporary works. You can use this as background for a professional website profile, or you can print it out as a art deco piece in your office space.

Fluorescent Jungle Pattern

02 788x

The Fluorescent Jungle Pattern is an utterly unique and one of a kind jungle pattern design you shouldn’t miss out on. With over a dozen designs and products to use this pattern on, get yourself a lovely set of journal covers, pillowcases, and handbags. You can use this pattern on as many products as possible, or to design your cards and night event flyers.

Vintage Seamless Jungle Pattern


Get yourself a unique vintage bird illustration with this Vintage Seamless Jungle Pattern. You can easily download this design for free, and seamlessly fit it into your designs and artworks. You can have your walls dressed up in this nostalgic design, or have your websites looking remarkable in vintage.

Tropical Jungle Seamless Patterns


If you want to try out all the uses of tropical patterns, then equip yourself with Tropical Jungle Seamless Patterns so you’ll never run out of awesome design materials. With this set of seamless patterns, you can easily incorporate these designs on different types of surfaces, products, or online platforms.

Nature Pattern Design

nature pattern design

Get yourself a printable flower pattern that’s got a unique jungle feel to it, while remaining simple and sophisticated. This Nature Pattern Design is available for download, and can be used as a background image, wallpaper, or banner design for any of your art deco projects or professional events and website templates.

Jungle Palm Leaves


Jungle Print Make-up Bag


The Jungle Print Make-up Bag is a wonderful proof of how jungle patterns and spring design templates can be beautifully incorporated into everyday products. This make-up bag is a definite must have for those who wish to feel the spring-summer vibe all year long.

Floral Jungle Pattern

This Floral Jungle Pattern is sure to give you a unique and high end floral pattern design for your walls, office and living spaces, and more. Check out the high quality design provided by this pattern, with other-worldly florals and unique color schemes.

Watercolor Jungle Leaves


If you want leaf vectors for keeps, this set of Watercolor Jungle Leaves is up for grabs. Download this bundle to have unique jungle leaf vectors and design elements to use in your event invites, promotional ads, and more. With over 30 leaf designs in watercolor, have charming and delicate designs to last the season.

Jungle Banana Leaves and Butterflies


Download the Jungle Banana Leaves and Butterflies for a vivid and riveting jungle pattern design in our home, office space, or retail store. This pattern is a definite must-have for the outgoing and expressive designers who are into bold prints, lively color schemes, and a tropical summer vibe.

Tropical Pink Flamingo


The Tropical Pink Flamingo is a completely different and unpredictable approach to contemporary wall art. Not only does it showcase the flexibility and uniqueness of art and tropical jungle patterns, it’s also very eco-friendly and sustainable because of its medium and method.

Birds and Leaves Jungle Pattern

The Birds and Leaves Jungle Pattern is a high quality jungle print that would suit your walls and branding products. Get this electric design to create a bold statement to your clients, fellow professionals, or simply your invited guests at home.

Tropical Jungle Paradise Seamless Patterns


Get awesome flower patterns, tropical wallpapers, and seamless jungle pattern designs with this set of Tropical Jungle Paradise Seamless Patterns. You’ll get lovely and summery designs, with bright colors and charming illustrations to use as wallpapers, flyer designs, website elements, and more. Download this bundle to achieve a seamless and effortless look in your designs.

Exotic Jungle Pattern


If you’re looking for exotic jungle and tropical vectors, this one will surely suit your fancy. Download this Exotic Jungle Pattern for your themed design pieces, with a simple click of a button. It is highly editable and easy to use. You can use this design as a stand alone piece or have additional touches to the design to bring out your own style.

Seamless Colorful Palm Leaves


Vintage Jungle Floral Pattern


If you want a spring pattern with a unique twist, this Vintage Jungle Floral Pattern is all you need for an excellent quality design. With a monochromatic scheme, the floral and leaf patterns perfectly come together to create a harmonious look. Download yours now!

Tropical Jungle Plants


Get the Tropical Jungle Plants pattern design for that millennial vibe you’re going for. With its unique hues and color palettes, make your room, cafe, or website even more youthful and eclectic using this particular jungle pattern.

With more than a dozen designs at your disposal, download as many jungle patterns as you want for your own designs, interior decorating, or branding strategies. Get your favorite patterns for free, or purchase some of your top picks right here.

You can create statement pieces out of these awesome jungle patterns, or customize them with more design elements to create a design of your own. You may also browse for watercolor floral designs, leaf vectors, and other tropical designs right here on our site. Keep browsing and start designing!

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