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7+ Distressed Patterns

Distressed patterns are the kinds of patterns with simulated marks that can be characterized by reflecting a long time of usage, imperfect linings, and structures that are not strictly aligned and well made. Though they are not perfect in nature, distressed patterns have a unique appeal that make them great design materials for different items, documents and projects.

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We can give you samples of distressed patterns if you want to apply a different kind of texture and overall visual appearance to the design that you are currently working on. More so, we can also provide you with other downloadable templates of Photoshop patterns usable in different functions and design processes.

Vector Distressed Patterns

Seamless Distressed Patterns


Free Distressed Halftone Patterns

Characteristics of Distressed Patterns

Distressed patterns can provide a visual appeal that may be any of the following:

  • Scratches may be applied to different patterns to make them look distressed. Any material where scratches can be seen provide an impression that they have been present for a long time and have undergone a series of surface pressure that made the pattern torn and imperfect.
  • Placement of linings and small markings can also provide a distressed appearance. These are commonly found on vintage photographs and design materials incorporated to the use of old tools and mediums.
  • Patches and cracks may also be applied to colored pattern platforms so they will look unfixed, uneven, and rough. The texture of distressed patterns is what makes them appealing in a different manner.

Aside from our downloadable samples of distressed patterns, you may also be interested to browse through and download our templates of doodle patterns.

Distressed Paper Patterns

Distressed Wood Patterns


Free Photoshop Distressed Patterns


Distressed Texture Patterns

Usage of Distressed Patterns

Distressed patterns can be used in the following design processes and purposes:

  • You can apply distressed patterns in different merchandises if you want them to look beaten down and used up. This can be used if you want to create a design for an item that can be sold for its uniqueness.
  • Distressed patterns can also be used as backgrounds and wallpapers for cellphones, websites, other online pages, and documents that need an extra visual appeal and impact.
  • Exterior locations like gardens and outdoor sittings of coffee shops can make use of distressed patterns on their walls to make them more aesthetically interesting so that the mood of the place will be more cozy or themed.

Suggestions in Using Distressed Patterns

If you want to use a distressed pattern for any project that you are doing, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • Know the purpose on why you will use a distressed pattern so you can have an idea of which kind of distressed pattern should be selected for the purpose that you want it to serve.
  • Do not overdo the distressed features in any document or material. Make sure that it will still look well put together and crisp even if there are distressed patterns that will be applied in it. This relies on well-planned distressed pattern positioning and the proper distressed pattern selection.
  • Be aware of the distressed patterns that you may choose from so you can have a wider range of options for different designs that you want to achieve.

Other than our distressed pattern samples and templates, we can also give you samples of abstract patterns available for download.

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