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34+ Paisley Patterns – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Paisley is a term used for a design with boteh or buta, which is a droplet-shaped vegetable. This lovely design is famous among the clothing designers and quilt makers. The loveliness of the paisley is what had made people fond of it and motivate them to use it in various ways. The design of the paisley that is identical to the fig- shape is a natural inspiration and it has been adopted to beautify various artistic stuff. This design comes with a long history of its origin and it is still evolving in different parts of the world.

Paisley Patterns Download

paisley patterns download

Seamless Paisley Patterns Download

seamless paisley patterns download

Cross Stitch Paisley Pattern Download

cross stitch paisley pattern download

Seamless Pattern with Paisley Download

seamless pattern with paisley download

New Paisley Pattern Download

new paisley pattern download

Potter Paisley Pattern Free Download

potter paisley pattern free download

Paisley Mandala Pattern

paisley mandala

Paisley Collective Pattern

paisley collective pattern

Rainbow Paisley Pattern Download

rainbow paisley pattern download

Paisley Pattern with Brown Background Download

paisley pattern with brown background download

Seamless Paisley Pattern Free Download

seamless paisley pattern free download

Awesome Paisley Pattern Free Download

awesome paisley pattern free download

Paisley Perfection Pattern Free Download

paisley perfection pattern free download

Blue Paisley Pattern Download

blue paisley pattern download

Pink Paisley One Pattern Download

pink paisley one pattern download

Vintage Floral Seamless Paisley Pattern Download

vintage floral seamless paisley pattern download

Seamless Paisley Pattern for Download

seamless paisley pattern for download

Golden Paisley Pattern Download

golden paisley pattern download

Paisley Pumpkin Pattern Download

paisley pumpkin pattern download

Green Paisley Pattern Download

green paisley pattern download

Paisley Pattern – Bote Jeghe Download

paisley pattern bote jeghe download

Vector Seamless Paisley Pattern Download

vector seamless paisley pattern download

Paisley Pattern with Black Background Download

paisley pattern with black background download

Seamless Pattern Based on Traditional Asian Elements Paisley for Download

seamless pattern based on traditional asian elements paisley for download

Cool Paisley Pattern for Download

cool paisley pattern for download

Paisley Elegance Pattern

paisley elegance pattern

Set of Paisley Pattern Seamless Vector Free Download

set of paisley pattern seamless vector free download

Paisley Green Pattern Free Download

paisley green pattern free download

Seamless Paisley Black Pattern Downlod

seamless paisley black pattern downlod

Paisley Pattern in Pink Color Free Download

paisley pattern in pink color free download

Autumn Paisley Pattern Free Download

autumn paisley pattern free download

Beautiful Vintage Paisley Seamless Pattern Download

beautiful vintage paisley seamless pattern download

Paisley Pattern of Flowers Free Download

paisley pattern of flowers free download

Ornate Paisley Pattern Seamless Vector Free Download

ornate paisley pattern seamless vector free download

Olive Green and Blue Paisley Pattern Download

olive green and blue paisley pattern download

Etched Brass Sheet Paisley Pattern Download

etched brass sheet paisley pattern download

Crochet Pattern Paisley Free Download

crochet pattern paisley free download

Paisley is a visual for the outline of the twisted teardrop, but the design is a bit different from the structure in reality. One looks at the paisley and you’ll know what the product or item is related to, as it involuntarily says a lot about the design. It is perfect for enhancing the beauty of the winter clothing because it gets along with the idea impeccably. The paisley patterns are an incredible piece of art that are a must in the graphic library of every artist and designer. They are bright and lively with an amazing color combination and mixture that all together gives an entirely new look to any artistic work. If you browse for the paisley pattern on the internet, you will get a wide variety of option to make your selection including choices in file formats. The free availability of these stunning seamless patterns along with separate packs of paisley vectors and icons has made it most preferred patterns among all. Browsing on the web will help you explore different types of templates available in the paisley patterns that are designed based on different concepts and themes. We have enlisted some of the templates below for your reference.

> Xmas Paisley Lights Pattern Template

The Christmas-inspired paisley pattern is all you need to add a Christmas feel of happiness and cheerfulness in your design. These colorful and simplicity patterns display glowing lights that are paisley-shaped and they come with a dark background to show the effectiveness of the lights.

> Paisley Snow Pattern Template

Even though snowflakes have their own shapes, but they look extremely gorgeous in the paisley patterns. These types of patterns are rarely found on the web, hence, including them in the graphic library is necessary for future use.

> Paisley Retro Pattern Template

Like any other patterns, these types of templates of paisley patterns can portray the retro concept amazingly. These patterns consist of paisley designs arranged in a way that they showcase the retro theme making them perfect for retro-based projects. You can also see black & white patterns.

> Paisley Flower Pattern Template

These types of templates are one of the most commonly found paisley patterns. It features paisley in place of petals that creates a good-looking flower pattern. There is a range of floral paisley patterns available on the internet. The use of paisley pattern is seen from ancient times, as it is the oldest design that has given rise to many more designs around the globe. From sofa cover to bandana, the paisley patterns can be used on any type of clothing to make it look wonderful.

Most of them are used on shawls, blankets, sari, carpets, and other stuff. You can also see high quality patterns. The paisley pattern has also inspired many jewelry designs and now, it is used for beautifying various digital artworks. It is not a compulsion to use the paisley patterns, wallpapers or backgrounds that are readily available on the internet, after all, you can always create your own vector pattern. Here, we will let you know how to create templates that can be used for multiple purposes.

To start with, draw a long and continuous curved line using a pencil and without picking up the pencil, bring back the curve in the upper direction. Just by joining the starting and ending of your curve, you will get the basic outline of the paisley. Keep working on the outline to get the accurate thickness, which will uplift not only its outer look but will frame the inner artwork remarkably. You can also see tribal patterns.

Now, decorate the inner area of the paisley outline with a different shape such as raindrop, floral or any other shape followed by a circle on the small section at the top. Add waves and stripes to fill the inside completely but it is better to leave some space and gaps in between. Next, click the picture of the paisley patterns and this image to Adobe Photoshop, where you can experiment different colors on it.

Once the color is finalized, save your template, but before that add some detailing using thin brushes that will give the template a nice texture and outlook. Set the density of the brush strokes as you desire for giving a professional and final touch to the template. Use these templates to give a unique and interesting twist to your design. They can be used upwards as well as downwards and that’s the beauty of paisley patterns, which is not commonly found in any other patterns.

> Tips:

Use as many colors as you can (maximum 4-5 colors) while painting the paisley pattern template to make the template look splendid and outstanding. If you are out of shapes and figure to draw in the inner area, then draw the same design just by rotating the paper in different directions. Color the paisley pattern using the editing software as it gives you more options in color, plus, it simplifies the coloring work for you. It allows you to click on the area to be colored and select the color to be filled in it, and coloring is done!

> Do’s and Don’ts:

Do not use more than required Photoshop effect on the template to avoid the losing the realistic outlook of the pattern. Do save the basic structure of the paisley patterns and designs, to avoid starting the drawing from the scratch every time you need a paisley pattern. Make sure you draw different patterns and shapes inside the paisley outline every time you create the template to give it a new and unique outlook.

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