9+ Handmade Patterns


Handmade patterns are beautiful expressions of creation. Basically everything you can do with your hands are considered handmade crafts—from painting, creating doodle, coloring, shading, and handcrafted materials. These are all expressions of creativity that require your time and effort to complete. It is rewarding to be able to come up with anything handmade, and these crafts are often given much appreciation for anyone’s effort to make.

When you discover a pattern to your handmade creations, you tend to get used to creating a lot of it. Try Photoshop Patterns that will make you want to keep on creating!

Handmade Doodle Pattern

handmade-doodle-pattern Download

Retro Styled Handmade Pattern

retro-styled-handmade-pattern Download

Handmade Abstract Pattern

handmade-abstract-pattern Download

Handmade Geometric Pattern

handmade-geometric-pattern Download

Handmade Floral Pattern

handmade-floral-pattern Download

Uses of Handmade Patterns

Handmade products are created from Simple Patterns to even more complicated yet beautiful ones. You would not be upset to see your handmade crafts being used as designs, for the matter. Your patterns can go a long way, and you will be pleased with what your patterns will end with as almost every design you see relies from a pattern.

From just a piece of art transferred into actual canvas, your creations out of handmade patterns can add attraction to anything.

  • Print. Handmade craftsmanship is unlike any other. Handmade paintings are perfect examples of what you could actually print on almost anything that is bare. The colors and images you choose will definitely outshine dullness.
  • Create. Handmade patterns are not only painted. There are also patterns that needs to be created to form new ones. You do not only create through painting, but you can also create with actual objects and materials. Creating something out of needle and thread in patterns is extraordinary, don’t you think?
  • Innovate. Established artworks might need a little innovation to create something better. When you come up with new methods and ideas, you should might as well incorporate new patterns to your creation.

Fabric Handmade Pattern

fabric-handmade-pattern Download

Handmade Texture Pattern

handmade-texture-pattern Download

Handmade Paper Pattern

handmade-paper-pattern Download

Handmade Seamless Pattern

handmade-seamless-pattern Download

Handmade Lace Pattern

handmade-lace-pattern Download

Handmade Pattern Ideas

You will find meaning in your handmade creations, and this will make you want to create more. The time and effort you put into your creations will make your crafts more special to you or to anyone you give it. Always create and innovate with what you can think of. Look into these suggestions for handmade patterns and try them yourself:

  • Fabric patterns. Processes of creating fabric through knitting or crochet will surely give you a wide range of ideas as to how you go about patterns on your fabric. Let loose that creative mind of yours.
  • Paper patterns. These could go hand in hand with your fabric patterns as paper patterns could also be used as a pattern cutout for clothing. These could also go well in your bare paper artworks.
  • Lace patterns. These patterns could work both on paper and fabric. The unique patterns of the laces will make you want to discover more of it. There could be beautiful creations hidden from repositioning your laces or perhaps overlapping laces to get a more creative effect.
  • Seamless patterns. If you prefer handmade patterns without noticeable borders in between, you could create your crafts tile by tile in seamless patterns.

Try out these Black-and-White Patterns to see how it ideally works for you! Check out more patterns and designs from our design pages for more ideas!

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