8+ Wood Floor Patterns


There are many ways that you can use wood panels as a design for flooring. With the variety of designs that individual woods have, there are a lot of patterns that you can create which can give your flooring an appearance that is more interesting and unique. More so, the cuts of wood materials play a big role in creating a more polished and creative look.

We have collected a number of wood floor patterns for your reference. All of these wood floor patterns are downloadable from this post.  If you would like to have more samples of this particular pattern design, you may browse more Flooring Patterns in the provided link.

Wood Floor Herringbone Pattern

Wood Floor Herringbone Pattern Download

Wood Floor Chevron Pattern

Wood Floor Chevron Pattern Download

Old Wood Floor Pattern

Old Wood Floor Pattern Download

Realistic Wooden Floor Patterns

Realistic Wooden Floor Pattern Download

Variables Affecting Wood Floor Patterns

There are many kinds of wood floor patterns that are inspired from the different usages of wood materials. Some of the items that affect a wood floor pattern are as follows:

  • The type of wood that is used as inspiration in the pattern design
  • The color of the individual wood used in a pattern or the color combinations of a variety of woods present in one design
  • The cuts that are done in the wood material
  • The characteristics of the specific woods that are used as a design
  • The overall impact of the created pattern

Where to use Wood Floor Patterns

Since there are a lot of wood floor patterns, you can use them in various spaces may it be residential or commercial. A few instances where a wood floor pattern can be used are as follows:

  • Wood floor patterns can serve as Tile Patterns and be used in rooms of condominiums, houses, and other livable spaces.
  • Because its design is close to nature, wood floor patterns can be inspirations in creating the flooring of outdoor cafes, restaurants, and activity areas.
  • Aside from its outdoor usages, wood floor patterns can also be used indoors especially if an establishment is eco-friendly or has a nature inspired aesthetic.
  • Wood floor patterns can also be used in decks, patios, and other backyard furnishings.

Dark Wood Floor Pattern

Dark Wood Floor Pattern Download

Extremely HR seamless wood pattern


Wood Floor Pattern Vector

Wood Floor Pattern Vector Download

Abstract Wood Floor Pattern

Abstract Wood Floor Pattern Download

Types of Wood Floor Patterns

There are many ways that wood floor patterns may be arranged. Here are a few samples of wood floor patterns that you may download from this post:

  • You can use a wood floor herringbone pattern by creating a symmetry in constructing the organization of the wood pattern.
  • Wood floor chevron patterns are ideal for indoor locations as it provides a homey appeal through the use of interconnecting lines.
  • Old wood floor patterns are the testimony that the look of old woods can truly provide a magical feel to whatever purpose it will be used.
  • Dark wood floor patterns are painted woods that can be applied in the flooring of modern and/or minimalist rooms.
  • Abstract wood floor pattern proves there is art in minute details. The neutral and almost muted palette goes well as floor patterns for decks in beach houses or hot tubs.

If you want to try other kinds of patterns aside from the wood floor patterns that we offer in this post, you may be interested to browse through our downloadable samples of Simple Patterns.

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