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9+ Circle Patterns

Circle patterns consist of different circular shapes that may vary in sizes, colors, and designs. There are a lot of ways that circle patterns can be used, depending on how they are interpreted by an artist. Since they are simple, they can fit in a lot of design briefs, and there are a lot of modifications that can be done to make the pattern look cohesive with the material or any item where it will be added or used.

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If you want to use circle patterns in the next art project that you will create or as a design of any document, you may download our samples of circle pattern templates so you already have guides in the different characteristics and overall look of circle patterns. Other than that, we also have samples of various Free Vector Patterns also available for download.

Geometric Circle Pattern


Zentangle Circle Pattern


Watercolor Circle Pattern


Black and White Circle Pattern


Colorful Circle Pattern


Circle Pattern Designs

As said, there are a lot of modifications that can be done to a circle pattern. A few of the designs that are results of these modifications are as follows:

  • Geometric circle patterns are the design patterns that use perfect circle shapes. This kind of design create an accurate visual interpretation of circles but the entirety of the design may vary depending on the colors that will be used per circle and the sizes of the circles involved in the pattern.
  • A zentangle circle pattern is a more creative way of allowing circle patterns to be used as a design material. There are variations of patterns incorporated to the circle shapes which make it look more interesting and striking.
  • Watercolor circle patterns may not be perfect circles but they have their own charm. This kind of design is perfect for scrapbooks and other materials that need a touch of design but is not restricting in terms of allowing pattern inconsistencies which make this kind of circle pattern more endearing.
  • Circle patterns may either be black and white or colorful. It depends on the design aesthetic of the person who will use the pattern and the material where the patterns will be used.

Other than our circle pattern templates and samples, you may also be interested to download our samples of different Hi-Qty Patterns.

Modern Circle Pattern


Seamless Circle Pattern


Abstract Circle Pattern


Simple Circle Vector Pattern


Small Dotted Circle Pattern


Uses of Circle Patterns

Since there are a lot of circle patterns that can be applied in many design processes, there are many ways that they are beneficial as a design material. Circle patterns may be used for the following purposes:

  • They can be used by interior designers to create a more interesting-looking project. Different spaces may it be for commercial or residential use can be beautified in a unique way by using modern circle patterns. These circle patterns may be placed as a wallpaper, the flooring of a specific room or location, or even in the ceilings to make a plain painted space have its own character.
  • Seamless circle patterns are mostly used in backgrounds may it be for tarpaulins, event materials, flyers, or even on phone wallpapers.
  • Abstract circle patterns can be used as an inspiration by designers who want to incorporate circle patterns in clothes, accessories, merchandise, and other items that will be offered to customers.
  • Circle patterns may also be used as an additional design material to projects that students need to submit in school. It can also be applied to different documents that kids may need so that their notebooks and other items that they use in their functions will not look boring.

Aside from our circle pattern samples, we can also provide you with a variety of downloadable templates of Photoshop Patterns.

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