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9+ Abstract Rainbow Patterns

Every time a strike of colorful arc appears in the sky, people can’t help but be amazed of this beauty from nature. A lot of people usually talk about a pot of gold and really wonder who is lucky enough to reach to the end of it.

Is this really all that we know about rainbows? Aren’t we scientifically curious about how it just gracefully appears in the sky and start to amaze people every time? You even start singing in your own tune just so you name all the colors the rainbow has. Know that there is so much more to that. Try to check out these Free Vector Patterns that come in rainbows and more colors and patterns!

Seamless Rainbow Pattern

seamless rainbow pattern

Abstract Rainbow Chevron Pattern

abstract rainbow chevron pattern

Striped Rainbow Pattern

striped rainbow pattern

Rainbow Fabric Pattern

rainbow fabric pattern

Pastel Rainbow Pattern

pastel rainbow pattern

All There Is to Know about Rainbows

The word rainbow is derived from the Latin words arcus pluvius, which means “rainy arc.” While rainbows are in fact in a full circle of light, people tend to see only one half of it because of viewing it from the ground. You also do not only see rainbows whenever it rains as rainbows actually appear even in just mist, fog, or even dew.

A lot of people draw inspiration from rainbows to create their own artworks. You can use rainbow colors for a particular design or even rainbow shapes to match up ideas of Hi-Qty Patterns you have in mind. Here are some design ideas where you could incorporate the majesty of rainbows:

Curved Rainbow Pattern

curved rainbow pattern

Triangular Abstract Rainbow Pattern

triangular abstract rainbow pattern

Psychedelic Rainbow Pattern

psychedelic rainbow pattern

Rainbow Blocks Pattern

rainbow blocks pattern

Free Abstract Rainbow Pattern

free abstract rainbow pattern Download Now

Rainbows and Patterns

There are tons of rainbow-inspired designs beyond your imagination. Different patterns and different order of colors will amaze you on the outcome of your designs. It can also be very useful in backdrop designs, posters, or even just page designs that you can think of. Here are suggestions of different playful patterns you can use for rainbow color and shape designs or even create a base from them for your Photoshop Patterns:



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