9+ Grunge Patterns


Since the rise of the grunge concept in the early nineties, the era has been dominated by this aesthetic in terms of music and fashion as well as any aspect of design that are interrelated to the previous two, but grunge is mostly inspired by the type of loud music that is characterized by a dirty guitar sounds, strong riffs, and heavy drumming. The meaning of grunge then evolved to something of inferior quality such as dirt, filth, and rubbish.

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Although this word has a negative meaning, it has a great influence on visual design. It is used to depict disinterest, cynicism, rejection, and negativity where artists have the difficulty in expressing before in their works. So, if you’re looking for grunge themes to incorporate in your creative projects, feel free to browse our Photoshop patterns and find what you’re looking for.

Soft Grunge Patterns

soft grunge patternDownload

Vector Grunge Patterns

vector grunge patternsDownload

Seamless Grunge Patterns

seamless grunge patternsDownload

Subtle Grunge Patterns

subtle grunge patternsDownload

Geometric Grunge Patterns

geometric grunge patternsDownload

Why Use Grunge Patterns

  • It creates an organic and realistic look. Because it looks untidy and often dirty, it gives designs a raw texture like that of wood, paper, or metal, which provides more options in designing stuff associated with these objects.
  • It provides an unpolished finish. Grunge patterns are perfect to use for designs that require a rough finish. Whether it’s a band gig poster or an organic product advertisement, it is a stark contrast to any polished and often boring designs.
  • It gives you more freedom. You usually get a uniform and rigid design for patterns, but with the grunge look, you can get both strong and subtle patterns in one which eliminates the restrictions you usually have with patterns.
  • It allows more elaborate designs. With the grunge patterns distressed and aged effects, you can add more interesting and elaborate aspects in your design. It allows you to experiment and be more crafty to create some cool and edgy masterpieces.

Abstract Grunge Patterns

abstract grunge patternsDownload

Vintage Grunge Patterns

vintage grunge patternsDownload

Grunge Paper Patterns

grunge paper patternsDownload

Grunge Floral Patterns

grunge floral patternsDownload

Grunge Metal Pattern in PSD

grunge metal pattern photoshopDownload

The Influences of Grunge

Grunge has affected a lot of different aspects and created associations that show common characteristics and make anything with this concept considered such. Some of which include these platforms:

  • Music. First of all, grunge was made cool through music. Incorporating elements of punk rock and heavy metal and with lyrics that are filled with teenage angst, young adults found a way to express the turbulence of their emotions that are typical for anyone at this age.
  • Fashion. Derived directly from the type of music mentioned above, this style was simultaneously born and is similarly characterized by people taking as little effort as possible on appearance and wear random clothing deliberately as they dress for comfort and affordability.
  • Ethics. As people from the grunge movement strive to never follow trends, they also reject the notion that one must always buy the things they want or need from others. The kind of lifesyle they live is about depending on things that are already there and making use of them.
  • Attitude. Just like the meaning of the word, people or things that are described as grunge has an unkempt and disorderly quality. People usually act like they don’t care and have negative outlooks in life, in an attempt for apathy and underachievement.

If these are the characteristics you want to express as an artist, then the patterns on this page, such as the abstract patterns on our website, will help you communicate the right feel of any design.

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