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8+ Pyrography Patterns

Looking for easy-to-download pyrography patterns? You’re on the right track. Pyrography is also referred to as wood burning art. The products of such field of art are unique and very fascinating. Such art serves as a proof that fire is also a fundamental component of art.

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Human beings, in the course of history, have been connected with fire. Fire is indispensable not just for survival but also in the field of pyrography. To sate your design needs, check out our templates that are well researched and up-to-date. You can truly rely on them. Feel free to check them out. If you also want to check out vector patterns, we also have Free Vector Patterns for you.

Pyrography Tree Pattern



Pyrography Border Pattern


Free Pyrography Pattern


Black and White Pyrography Pattern


Easy Pyrography Pattern

Hi-Qty Patterns

A Tour Down the World of Pyrography

The etymology of the term pyrography comes from the Greek words pur, which means “fire,” and graphos, which means “writing.” It is referred to as a technique or field of art that decorates a wood or a piece of leather on the surface with a heated metallic point. In order to appreciate pyrographic patterns, it is best to know some of its historical highlights:

  • Since the discovery of fire, cavemen had used fire to draw and illustrate objects and patterns on the stones or walls of the cave.
  • The earliest surviving example of pyrography is a container decorated with flowers and hummingbirds which were actually found in Peru. Peru, according to historians, was considered as one of the principal birthplaces of pyrography.
  • On the one hand, the European, Asian, American, and Australian pyrography were more focused on musical instruments and kitchenware.
  • Subsequently, it reached its peak of popularity during the Victorian era. It was known as pokerwork because the artist had to make use of charcoal stove with holes into which pokers with different sizes and shapes were heated.
  • In the current times, pyrography also adapted to the age of information technology. As you can see patterns are now available on the World Wide Web.

These are just some of the highlights of pyrography. We hope learned a thing or two about pyrography.

Pyrography Pattern for Photoshop


Pyrography Flowers Pattern


Moose Pyrography Pattern


Simple Pyrography Pattern



Relevance of Pyrography

Pyrography patterns are significant. They are the foundations of your masterpiece. Choosing the suitable pattern is of utmost importance. Here are some factors that you may consider in the course of choosing a pattern that will fit your interests:

  • Choose a pattern that is in line with your interest. Pyrography requires patience, passion, and determination. In this case, choosing a pattern which is closer to your heart can truly help.
  • Usually, the artist prepares the piece of wood beforehand. It is within your discretion if you will choose a design that will match your wood or complement its shape depending on your preference and strategy.
  • What is interesting about Pyrography is that you don’t need to worry about ensuring an original design. It would be inevitable sometimes that two people choose the same pattern due to the accessibility of patterns in the Internet. Always remember that every wood surface is unique and each artist’s interpretation of their work varies accordingly.

These are just some factors which may be handy for your passion in pyrography. To start up your work, you can always use our templates for your reference and inspiration. If you’re looking for something else, you can also check out the Art Deco Patterns we have onsite. Feel free to download and enjoy!

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