26+ Best Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are fantastic elements to grab your visitors’ attention. The right use of these can render visual appeal, high flexibility, vibrancy, elegance, boldness, and even functionality in certain cases. Graphic designers should have these resources handy so that they can blend these into photography, logos, websites, and many more. Combining these with some complementary white space or less-busy elements can bring-in legibility to your design. Have a peep at our collection of free and Premium Geometric Patterns.

geometric patterns

Retro Geometric Pattern

retro geometric patternThis retro Geometric Pattern costs $5; it is an ideal choice for backgrounds. It comes in 23 different colors, each as a JPG image. These are of very high quality and 5000×3000 resolution.

Modern Geometric Pattern

modern geometric patternThis set of 5 seamless geometric patterns cost $6. These are combinations of white with strokes in different shades of brown. These are available as individual JPG images of 4000×4000 pixels.

Classic Geometric Pattern

classic geometric patternCosting $13, this set of 46 classic monochrome geometric patterns includes diamonds, nested circles, triangles, squares, herringbone, Art deco scales, and scales. These are of 3600×3600 px and 300 dpi resolution.

Geometric Seamless Vector Patterns

geometric seamless vector patternsThis set of 40 seamless geometric vector patterns is in four categories viz. hexagons, triangles, dots, and Chevron. These cost $11. These are editable and come in EPS, Al, JPEG, and PNG formats.

Tribal Intricate Geometric Pattern

tribal intricate geometric patternThis includes 5 digital geometric decorative Indian or 5 tribal style pattern JPG files of 300 dpi resolution and 3600×3600 px. Costing $7, it suits backgrounds and designs related to tribal, Indian, or ethnic subjects.

Rose Gold Geometric Pattern

rose gold geometric patternThis set of 10 rose gold geometric patterns costs $10. The files are in PNG format and are of 2500×2500 size (or slightly bigger). Because of its high-resolution (300 dpi resolution), it is easily scalable.

Geometric Pattern Template

geometric pattern templateThis geometric pattern template/stencil suits scrapbook designs, craft projects, and cards. It is made of durable plastic and is of the dimension 12×12 inches. It is available for a price of $6.08.

Vector Seamless Geometric Pattern

vector seamless geometric patternThis hexagonal seamless geometric Black and White Pattern vector illustration is available for free download. Its high-resolution image is available in different sizes to suit your project needs.

Geometric Marquetry Pattern

geometric marquetry patternThis set of 10 ornamental geometric patterns created by applying veneer wood pieces together costs $12. These seamless patterns come in JPG format and are of 5000×500 pixels.

Fabric Geometric Pattern

fabric geometric patternThis fabric geometric pattern in gray and white ideally suits quilting, string bags, cushions, doll clothes, and nurseries. The ready to ship Scandinavian fabric material of 18×22 inches cost $4.18.

Geometric Rhombus Color Pattern

geometric rhombus color patternThis seamless geometric rhombus color vector pattern is available for free download. Its high-resolution image is available in different sizes to suit your project needs. This pattern suits backgrounds.

Seamless Geometric Patterns Set

seamless geometric patterns setThis set of 70 seamless geometric vector patterns cost $15. It is in JPG and EPS 10 files. These are colorful and of 300 dpi resolution which makes these scalable.

Triangle Geometric Patterns

triangle geometric patternsThis is a set of 29 triangle patterns of which 10 are Turquoise, 7 gold, and 12 transparent backgrounds. These come in PNG format and are of 300 dpi resolution and 12×12” in dimension. It costs $8.

Zigzag Geometric Pattern

zigzag geometric patternThis seamless geometric zigzag pattern is available for free download. Its high-resolution image is available in different sizes to suit your project needs. It suits website backgrounds, book designs, and textiles.

Digital Paper Geometric Pattern

digital paper geometric patternThis set of 12 seamless digital patterns including polkadots, triangles, chevrons, honeycomb, stripes etc costs $2.99. These are of high resolution and suit scrapbooking, greeting cards, home decor, invitations, etc.

Tileable Geometric Pattern

tileable geometric pattern

Grayscale Geometric Background

grayscale geometric backgroundDownload

Seamless Geometric Blue Pattern

seamless geometric blue patternDownload

Textured Geometric Seamless Pattern

textured geometric seamless pattern

Black White Jersey Geometric Pattern

black white jersey geometric pattern

Geometric Moroccan Pattern

geometric moroccan patternDownload

Geometric Patterns in Modern Style

geometric patterns in modern styleDownload

Seamless Vector Geometric Pattern

seamless vector geometric pattern

Black and White Geometric Patterns

black and white geometric patternsDownload

Geometric Kilim Pattern

geometric kilim patternDownload

Craft Design Geometric Pattern

craft design geometric patternDownload

Geometric patterns are ideal for a plethora of purposes including Tile patterns, website backgrounds, wrapping sheets, wallpapers, scrapbooking, invitations, home décor, greeting cards, wall arts, t-shirts, etc. Graphic designers can play around with these patterns by mixing and matching the shapes, colors, and patterns to create dynamic and elegant compositions.