10+ Paper Patterns


You will need paper patterns in almost all greeting cards you will give away or maybe invitation cards for birthday parties you will be organizing. You may even want to try out new options of how you will go about your paper designs.

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Paper patterns are useful for school artworks, designs, scrapbooks, and a lot more. The challenge is how you are going to make it look presentable and more appealing to whomever you give it or whoever sees it. There are patterns that are not really hard to achieve; you just need to spark up ideas to start. Check out more of our Photoshop patterns available for you to peruse and download too!

Vector Paper Patterns

vector paper patternsDownload

Crumpled Paper Pattern

crumpled paper patternDownload

Violet Paper Pattern

violet paper patternDownload

Seamless Paper Pattern

seamless paper patternDownload

Vintage Paper Patterns

vintage paper patternsDownload

Floral Paper Pattern

floral paper patternDownload

Different Patters to Choose From

You can create as many patterns as you want. These patterns could be repetitive, some in irregular shapes, and some in vibrant colors. Seamless patterns could also make a difference in your artworks. There is just so much to choose from.

When you start looking for designs with your patterns, there is really no criteria for it, so whatever suits your taste will become best if you enhance it a lot more. You will also need measurements of your patterns if would not want an abstract one or you could also go for those patterns in minute details. Any of your preference will be interesting!

Your creativity will get you there. Here are some ideas you might want to use for your paper patterns:

  • Geometric patterns. These patterns are mostly preferred in learning area settings. These patterns will be more like an indirect invitation to learn to those who see it. These patterns are also great for costumes on different types of clothing.
  • Seamless patterns. This pattern without seams might be your type. It could provide smooth patterns that might want to use for the right design on artworks.
  • Abstract patterns. These patterns can be just as anything that you think is abstract. It can be created in dark or light hues, depending on which artwork you see this pattern fit.

Abstract Paper Patterns

abstract paper patternsDownload

Grunge Paper Patterns

grunge paper patterns1Download

Ornamental Paper Patterns

ornamental paper patternsDownload

Craft Paper Patterns

craft paper patternsDownload

Wrapping Paper Patterns

wrapping paper patternsDownload

Abstract: Separate Art from Reality

Everything you create are technically abstract patterns. Abstract patterns in your artworks is a pool of abstract art. It basically conveys visual language to whoever appreciates these types of art. There is perspective in these patterns before you come up with abstract pattern imagery.

Abstract patterns are those that promote art in their desire to separate art from reality. Some artists deal with their own realities that make other artworks less abstract compared to the others. Here are different types of abstract art that can inspire you in creating abstract patterns:

  • Curvilinear abstract art.This type is associated with Celtic Art which is inspired from spirals and interlace patterns. This is a type of abstract art that prefers more on comprising different decorative elements.
  • Light Related abstract art. The use of light to separate art from reality is what this type of abstract art showcases. When your patterns are inspired by this type of abstract, it might be more concerned with its hues.
  • Geometric Abstractions. This is an intellectual type of art that deals with linear perspectives like that of academically related geometric figures.

Abstract art is complicated in itself. The things is, it is complicated in a beautiful way, and abstract art appreciation is one way of putting it into reality as paper patterns of your choice.

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