9+ Abstract Photoshop Patterns


Do you want to try more designs out of abstract and Photoshop patterns? You must be tired of the current patterns you are using or you must be up for some more new ones. Either way, you will get more of these abstract Photoshop patterns as you go.

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The only edge of using abstract patterns is that you get to use it for almost any theme. You will be amazed at how it fits best for almost all themes that you can think of. These limitless patterns will leave you wanting to create more, and as you progress, you will also discover more abstract patterns that you unintentionally created.

Seamless Abstract Patterns

seamless abstract patternsDownload

Blue Abstract Patterns

blue abstract patternsDownload

Vintage Abstract Pattern

vintage abstract patternDownload

Abstract Floral Patterns

abstract floral patternsDownload

Black and White Abstract Pattern

black and white abstract patternDownload

Abstract Pattern Designs

Abstract patterns could be anything in any shape, size, form, and color. It could come in round, edgy, or even seamless patterns. Your imagination doesn’t just stop when you are creating with abstract patterns. You will end up mixing different colors or perhaps overlapping shapes to create more abstract artworks.

Here are a few of our featured abstract design patterns that you could play around with:

  • Abstract Floral Patterns. Doesn’t this sample scream Tattoo all over? Better yet, you could print this up, frame it, and hang it on your bedroom wall and this falls right in place with all your other wall decor or movie or band posters.
  • Black and White Abstract Patterns. If you’re looking for something muted yet classy, you can’t go wrong with a black-and-white scheme. This pattern is perfect as a backdrop for laid-back get-togethers or even high-end corporate events.
  • Doodle Abstract Patterns. For when you want to combine the random and the irregular in abstract with the freedom and the precision of doodles. This is your go-to pattern. This pattern is perfect as scarf and handkerchief patterns and even bedroom linens if you’re feeling quirky enough.

Try and Try until You Find the Right One

The patterns that we have here could be used for just about anything that you need it with. Name all your artwork needs and you will be surprised that there are appropriate abstract designs for all design ideas.

These patterns are also ideal for DIY inspiration as the patterns create something that could also be used for other purposes. On its entirety, these abstract patterns are different but at the same time express similar levels of random and abstract representations. You could at least try one pattern first and try on another pattern on your next craft. You will obviously see differences in angles, spaces, and colors; and its abstract sense will still be like no other.

Abstract Geometric Patterns

abstract geometric patternsDownload

Abstract Triangle Pattern

abstract triangle patternDownload

Doodle Abstract Pattern

doodle abstract patternDownload

Seamless Ornamental Abstract Pattern

seamless ornamental abstract patternDownload

Abstract Waves Pattern

abstract waves patternDownload

Forms of Abstract

All forms of abstract entail general ideas—be it in art, research paper abstracts, music, and all forms of creative expression. You are most likely to come up with something that is not totally understood by your audience but still is surprisingly pleasing to them.

Here are different points of abstract from various perspectives:

  • Art abstract. As expressed in different patterns like geometric patterns and seamless patterns, there is no limit to this form of art. It could be anything like colors and various shapes or expressions of lighting and the like.
  • Musical abstract. It could be a song without lyrics. This alone is a form of musical abstract expression. You do not usually deal with the structure of having to create songs with lyrics.
  • Dance abstract. Think interpretative dance. A series of dance steps that are relevant to your own interpretation could be considered this form of abstract. There is expression in dance moves without relaying words for it to make sense.

You can create anything with the goal of meeting the standard of the abstract, but the real score about this type of art is that it doesn’t have a standard and it could just be as satisfying as anything.

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