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Flower Pattern – 26+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Flower Patterns are used for a variety of purposes. Most often, they are utilized in art and craft projects and also for home decoration. If you consider it from graphical designing point of view then you can use it for designing different kinds of greeting and Birthday Cards. Since flowers are available in various shapes, sizes and vibrant colors, you have got the most wonderful opportunity to explore your field of design to create some amazing and spellbinding figures.

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> Playing with the Flower Pattern Designs to Bring Best out of Picture

Whether you are designing the flower pattern for the decoration purpose or for placing it on a card, you should remember that they are always used as center pieces. Therefore, your prime intention should be make them as attractive and beautiful as possible. Of course you can carve out your own Golden Seamless Pattern through imagination but it will be a good idea to search for a few engaging designs on the internet. Alternatively, you can also take help from paper flower book where you will also get some idea. In fact you can alter the size of the pattern and also change its color accordingly.

> Where the Different Types of Flowers Patterns can be used

You can design the flower pattern designs which shall be used at various places such as-

  • Greeting and Invitation Cards-This is a common juncture where you will come across different types of flower patterns designed on them
  • Gift Wrapping papers-You can create beautiful and eye-catching gift wrappers with the help of flower pattern designs Here you can make use of different shades according to the color of the paper
  • On different types of pads-You can even design the flower patterns for different kinds of pads such as notepad, mouse pad and so on.
  • Table Cloth, bed sheets and pillow covers- Beautiful looking flower patterns are also found on table cloth, bed sheets and pillow covers. They are created on Photoshop or Illustrator and then printed on the cloth.
  • On T-shirts and tops- You can also find the flower designs on the t-shirts and tops that you usually put on regularly.

Spring Flower Pattern


Ornamental Flower Pattern


Botanical Flower Pattern


Seamless Lotus Flower Pattern


Collection of Flower Pattern


Beautiful Watercolor Flower Pattern


Peony Flower Pattern


Decorative Flower Pattern


Colorful Flower Pattern


Garden Flower Pattern


Designed Flower Pattern


Seamless Hand Drawn Flower Pattern


Vector Flower Pattern


Wild Flower Pattern


Abstract Flower Pattern


Blossom Flower Pattern


Nature Flower Pattern


Fabric Flower Pattern


Fabric Swatch Flower Pattern


Watercolor Sunflower Pattern


Fashion Flower Pattern


Purple Watercolor Flower Pattern


Bright Flower Pattern


Tulip Flower Pattern


Modern Flower Pattern


Decoration Flower Pattern


> Optimal Opportunity to Create Attractive Flower Pattern Designs

As you already know that it is one of the fields of graphic designs where you can come across widest array of possibilities because there is no limit to designs and patterns available. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right texture in terms of shape, size and color. Not only can you opt for the traditional Flower Wallpapers such as tulips, roses, daises and lotuses but also go for unconventional methods to design your own style. However, while doing so make sure that the background color and the color of the flower gel very well together with each other.

> Single Pattern Design or the Combination of Many Patterns

Another important point which you need to probably decide is whether you want to draw one single pattern on the entire canvas or you will be clubbing a combination of few Simplicity Patterns to make it more impressive. If you are combining the designs then you will have to take into account the size of each pattern. Designing the flower patterns can be an easy task provided you are well acquainted with all the tools of the designing software.

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