75+ Photoshop Patterns


Summer drapes are back in fashion and so are the sewing patterns. Be it a professional setup or the personal fashion statements, some top free patterns do make the job considerably easy. What follows is the best fashion statement beefed up with floral prints and worthy stripes. Most of these patterns are up for free downloads and provide the necessary insights on how to tailor your own garments. This makes everybody as designer and setting up any online store is made considerably easy. With some innovative hues and shades up for grabs, certain premium pattern sets also come in handy for commercial use. Be it the DIY tees or graphic offerings, most patterns are customizable and can be scaled based on user requirements. Some top class renditions with high end feature sets are involved ranging from seamless stitching to effortless scanning. As these innovative patterns are the mirror images of how out apparels are going to look and feel it is only fitting to make the selections perfectly. The entire fashion industry has been boosted by these innovative patterns which showcase great flexibility and intuitiveness, thus providing professional with better designs and concepts rendering the older clothing strategies completely obsolete.

Pack of 108 patterns

pack of 108 patterns

You have 108 patterns to choose from and that is surely a lot that you get when you choose this Photoshop template design. All have been in made in Photoshop CS2 and looks really attractive.

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Hexagons 1 Pattern Set

hexagons 1 pattern set

As the name suggests, this design consists of hexagon patterns and have a 3D look and feel. There are 20 seamless hexagon patterns to choose from and is available at 112 x 112 pixels.

Snowflakes Photoshop Patterns

snowflakes photoshop patterns

Designed by Pepsized, this Photoshop template design consists of snow crystals and is ideal for your Christmas party invitation posters. It is available free for both commercial and personal use.

Abstract 1 Pattern Set

abstract 1 pattern set for photoshop or gimp

As the name suggests, the design is abstract and you can’t make out any concrete shapes of figures in it. The pattern is in grey-scale making a unique background.

100 Retro different vector seamless patterns

vector format

Beautifully designed, this design consists of 100 vector patterns, each offering something different. It is colorful and perfect for wallpapers, website background, surface textures, posters etc.

Pink Photoshop Patterns

pink photoshop patterns

Girls are usually in love with the color and if you are among them, then this Photoshop template design is the one for you. It is pretty and cute and comes with a variety of designs.

21 Stunning Pixel Patterns

21 stunning pixel patterns

Offering you a collection of as many as 21 pixel patterns to choose from which are perfect as website background and for posters and banners too. It can be used on all colors.

Knitted Folk Pattern

knitted folk pattern

The design resembles knitted fabric pattern and you can make color changes with additional vector files. There is a choice of 14 colors and you can even change the size of the patterns if you want.

Video game brick

video game brick 1 pattern

It has a simple brick and tiles layout and this has been used in various video games. It can be easily downloaded and it comes with 1 .PAT file which works in Adobe Photoshop 7.

24 Triangle Pattern Backgrounds

24 triangle pattern backgroundspng

This template design consists of clear triangles. The pattern is available in 12 colors and the size available is 2400 x 2400 pixels. Such a resolution allows you to make it as big as you want.

A set of 16 doodle seamless patterns

a set of 16 doodle seamless patterns

With 16 different seamless patterns to choose from, this is yet another great Photoshop design which you can find of the web. It is available in high resolution and suit the need of your project.

8 Seamless Fabric Pattern Design

8 seamless fabric pattern design

Looking for a template design to suit your fabric related project? This design available in solid colors is a great choice with 8 different patterns to choose from. There is no watermark and is perfect for all sorts of projects.

12 grunge stripes


This design consists of 12 high resolution grunge stripes all in different colors. The colors are bright and this is one factor which needs to kept in mind while choosing this design.

Dice Patterns

dice patterns

Designed by Jenni Stock, this is another popular template design. Consisting of dices only in different colors and background, this design looks very attractive and is available for free.

Cube tiles

cube tiles

Consisting of seamless tile sets, this design was created by rendering various cubes and then adding smoothing filters. It is available in monochrome but you can add colors of your choice.

set of vector pattern paper for scrapbook

set of vector pattern paper for scrapbook

Blurred Dot Pattern Backgrounds

20 blurred dot pattern

Seamless Fall Vector

seamless fall vector patterns



Free Hearts


Subtle Dark

subtle dark

Geometric Seamless

geometric seamless

Floral Seamless

floral seamless

Exotic polkadots

exotic polkadots

Free Chevron

free chevron

Gray scale






pattern pack

pattern pack



Blue Stripes

blue stripes

Floral Seamless

floral seamless

Micro Patterns

micro patterns

Seamless Retro Vector

seamless retro


all that glitters

Charcoal Paisley

charcoal paisley

vector seamless

vector seamless patterns

midnight blue

midnight blue

Soft Flower Polka

soft flower

Pixel patterns

pixel patterns

Colorful Distressed Wood

colorful distressed wood

Floral Patterns

floral patterns

Retro patterns

retro patterns

Digital camouflage

digital camouflage

Ornament ps

ornament ps

Mottled Painted Floral

mottled painted

Camouflage Seamless


Floral velvet pattern

floral velvet pattern set

Psychedelic Squares


Art pattern


Flower pattern

flower pattern

Patterns by onethirtytwo

by onethirtytwo

Universal different vector

universal different vector


mozaic patterns

Shabby lace

shabby lace

High resolution fabric

high resolution fabric

Tie dye

tie dye patterns

Motivos Violetas

motivos violetas

Psychedelic Circles

psychedelic circles

Gears and Cogs

free vector repeat

Artist’s Paper Texture

artists paper texture

Eight black and white wave patterns

eight black and white wave

Black and White

black and white patterns

Artist’s Canvas Texture

artists canvas

Seamless Patterns

seamless patterns

Retro patterns

retro patternsnew

Grunge checkers

grunge checkers

Pattern 5

pattern 5

Cool Mint Green

cool mint green



Pixel Art

pixel art

Stone Arabesque

stone arabesque

Seamless Fall Vector

seamless fall vector

Colorful Patterns

colorful patterns

Floral Symmetry

floral symmetry

With so many designs to choose from, you are sure to get confused. Make sure to choose one that suits your requirement perfectly.

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