21+ Pumpkin Carving Patterns – Free PSD, PNG, Vector, EPS Format Download!

There is no better pattern for a design related to Halloween. It is also an exciting pattern to make a theme related to horror. Depending on the expression of the pumpkin face, it can be used to suit the emotion of the theme it is used for. This pattern would go well with the color orange and black. You can also see Cupcake Patterns.

pumpkin carving pattern

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Pattern

halloween pumpkin carving pattern
If subtlety is the word for you, this pumpkin carving pattern is sure to impress you with its sketchy artworks where you just have the oral part of the face to depict different moods.

Carved Pumpkins Pattern Free Download

carved pumpkins pattern free download
You are getting 4 small and one grand pumpkin here carved beautifully to bring out the spooky smiling face. You have them in 4 different shades of orange, starting from a deep one to a faded face.

Halloween Seamless Carving Pattern

halloween seamless carving pattern
The template here has come up with umpteen numbers of seamless Halloween pumpkin carved faces that double up the spooky effect. The faces are available in both glowing orange and faded orange.

Seamless Carving Pattern with Black Pumpkins

seamless carving pattern with black pumpkins
Halloween pumpkins are usually orange but when you have them in black, the scary effect gets 3x times as is possible with this really spooky seamless black carved pumpkin faces.

Halloween Seamless Black Background Pumpkins

halloween seamless black background pumpkins
You are getting a brilliant sketch of a large number of seamless Halloween pumpkins here. The faces are designed in different expressions- while on hand you have smiling faces, on another hand there are sulky faces as well.

Free Halloween Carved Pumpkin Pattern

free halloween craved pumpkin pattern

Horizontal Halloween Banners with Pumpkin Pattern

horizontal halloween banners with pumpkin pattern

Seamless Pumpkin Carving Pattern Download

seamless pumpkin carving pattern

Premium Pumpkin Carving Pattern For You

premium pumpkin carving pattern

Scary Pumpkins Carving Pattern For Free

scary pumpkins carving pattern for free

Halloween Vector Pumpkin Carving Pattern

halloween vector pumpkin carving pattern

Pumpkins Carving Seamless Pattern Download

pumpkins carving seamless pattern download

Halloween Pumpkins Silhouettes Carving Pattern

halloween pumpkins silhouettes carving pattern

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Carving Pattern

happy halloween pumpkin carving pattern

Seamless Halloween Background Pumpkin Pattern

seamless halloween background pumpkin pattern

Vector Halloween Pumpkin Pattern For Free

vector halloween pumpkin pattern for free

Pumpkin pattern has the ability to give that extra touch to a good design. It can even transform a rather mediocre design into an appealing one. A good designer can make use of this pattern to create something truly legendary.