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11 PSD Wedding Announcement Templates

For couples who have a rich and active social life, spreading the news about their engagement and wedding is a must. Hence, they have to create and use wedding announcement templates to tell the world of this exciting and happy news.

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Who to send wedding announcements to

Telling people about your new marital status may be done fashionably by sending wedding announcements to people who were not invited to your wedding program ceremony or reception. This is a formal and respectful way to inform them. Examples of people you may need to send a wedding announcement to are work colleagues, college friends, and extended family members. These are the people whom you are not close and who did not get into the wedding guest list but will benefit from the knowledge that you have taken a marriage vow. It is not mandatory to send wedding announcement cards. But if you feel obliged to do so, then go for it.

Why create wedding announcements?

As mentioned earlier, it is not mandatory to send out wedding announcements. But some couples may find themselves in a unique position that will require them to send out that announcement on attractive card designs. Here are a few reasons why you may need to use wedding announcement cards:

  • You eloped or had a very small wedding attended only by your closest friends and relatives. If you and your significant other eloped or had a very private wedding ceremony, you may need to send wedding announcements to the people who were not invited. This allows your guests to know that you did not mean to be disrespectful about your wedding ceremony choices but that you preferred a more intimate ceremony. Most people are understanding of these situations and will be happy to hear about your wedding news.
  • To inform other friends, family members, relatives, and colleagues of your wedding. If you have friends, extended relatives, and colleagues who did not receive a wedding invitation card or a wedding Save the Date card, you may consider sending them wedding announcement cards as a form of courtesy. Doing this also allows you to spread the news about your wedding. Also, take note that wedding announcements are only sent to those who did not receive a wedding invitation or Save the Date card.
  • To allow guests to prepare for the wedding. Another reason for using wedding announcement cards is to allow your guests to prepare for your wedding. In cases where wedding announcement cards are sent after a wedding occurs, an announcement card lets them know that they may still send out congratulatory gifts to the new couple. But the latter is often a frowned-upon practice.
  • To formally announce your name change to your colleagues. Lastly, you may need to use wedding announcement cards if you want a formal way to announce your name change. This is often done by brides who wish to take on their husband’s last name.

Just like there is an etiquette guide for writing wedding invitations, there is also a guide for writing wedding announcements like the one above. Read and internalize these tips so that you will not be committing any wedding faux pas.

In this article, we provide different downloadable and editable examples of wedding announcement card templates in PSD file format. You may choose any of these wedding card templates and customize them for your own wedding theme.

Beach Wedding Announcement Card PSD

If you are planning a destination wedding and intend to use creative destination wedding invitation cards for your wedding, then you may like the Beach Wedding Announcement Card PSD Template shown below.

This wedding announcement card template follows a sky blue color palette and features floral patterns on its left border. Aside from beach-themed weddings, it may also be used as part of floral templates. This template measures 4 inches by 6 inches when printed out. Aside from PSD, it is also available for download in EPS, PUB, DOC, and INDD file formats.

Floral Wedding Announcement Card

The next PSD wedding announcement template that you should consider using to inform others of your upcoming wedding is the Burgundy Floral Wedding Announcement invitation Card PSD Template pictured below.

As its name implies, this announcement template may also be used as part of a floral wedding template set. All text and graphics layers of this template are fully editable. You may easily add your own wedding information on the template by using either Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, or Microsoft Publisher. This wedding card measures 4 inches by 6 inches and follows the CMYK color model.

Flower Royal Wedding Announcement Card PSD

Garden Wedding Announcement PSD Template

Grunge Wedding Announcement PSD Template

Nautical Wedding Announcement Card PSD

Can’t get enough of nautical wedding templates? You are in luck because you could use the Nautical Wedding Announcement Card PSD Template (shown below) as your base for your own announcement card.

This card template is fully editable and you may edit the graphic design elements, files, and the text layouts easily. All images are also included in the template. You may download the template using different file formats for software programs like Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign.

As a reminder, use the file format for the specific software program that you already have on your computer. This makes it easier to edit and print out the template.

Just Married Wedding Announcement Template

Using wedding photos on your wedding announcement card cover is an effective design technique that you could employ. Take a cue from the Just Married Wedding Announcement PSD Template featured below.

In this announcement card template, you may choose to emphasize an obscure object used in your wedding while your picture as the newlyweds would be located off-center. To achieve this kind of image, you may need to hire a professional photographer. But once that is out of the way, it will be easy to layout your announcement card.

With this template, you may choose photos in both portrait and landscape orientation since there are corresponding PSD files in these formats. Each card will print out on cardstock that measures 5 inches by 7 inches. The printable card template also includes a 0.25-inch print bleed.

Pink Floral Wedding Announcement Template

Retro Wedding Announcement Template

If you want to send out a wedding announcement that will aptly reflect the casual and laid-back atmosphere during your wedding reception and ceremony, then you may like to use the vintage Wedding Announcement PSD Template shown below.

This 4-inch by 6-inch card template is designed to have a cozy retro effect. It is available in four different background design options with all graphics set at a high resolution of 300 DPI. Printing is also made easier with pre-made bleed areas.

Use this wedding announcement template if you are already using rustic wedding invitation cards or other retro wedding template designs.

Floral Engagement Announcement Card Design

Wedding Announcement Card Template

If you intend to go the printable wedding card route, you may use the Wedding Announcement Card Template shown above. This announcement card template has a classy template design that will make it suitable for most traditional weddings.

This template measures 5 inches by 7 inches when printed on paper or card stock. It also follows the CMYK color model and has pre-formatted print bleed areas.


It is easy to spread news nowadays with the help of social media. Even if you had a secret private wedding on a tropical island, people will still learn about your wedding through that single Facebook photo you have posted. If you do not intend to alienate other people’s (especially your relatives’) feelings, you may have to send out wedding announcement cards. But if you do this, make sure to set your own rules and to do it on your own terms.

So, which template on this list is your favorite out of the bunch? Get it today.

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