62+ Printable Wedding Cards


Weddings are one of the occasions in a person’s life that should be celebrated because it often comes once in a lifetime. It is a celebration of love and a start of a new chapter that is why it should be planned carefully and thoroughly. One of the things that you should include in the planning are the different cards needed as part of the wedding collateral. Wedding cards are considered pieces of a wedding puzzle which are all essential in order to make your day like how you picture it to be. Although not all cards are necessary, they should all correlate to your wedding style and budget as well as your personal preference because after all, it’s your wedding day.

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From save-the-date cards to invitations, you need a whole slew of cards to label all sorts of favors to tell your guests where to sit, directing them to your reception, and more. Finding the perfect collection of cards for your special day is no easy task. And as we all know, there are a lot of motifs and themes out there that you can choose from. That is why, on this page, we share to you a vast collection of Printable Wedding Cards that you can download and use for your every wedding needs. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to browse through these beautiful wedding cards and be our guest.

For a more specific type of card, you can also check out our collection of Wedding Invitation Templates available on this website.

Burgundy Floral RSVP Wedding Card

burgundy floral rsvp wedding card

Summer Floral RSVP Wedding Card Template

summer floral rsvp wedding card template

Burgundy Floral Will You Be My Bridesmaid Wedding Card

burgundy floral will you be my bridesmaid wedding card

Printable Wedding Shower Card

Wedding and Bridal Shower Card

wedding and bridal shower cardDownload

Wedding Shower Card

wedding couples shower cardDownload

Modern Wedding Invitation in PSD Template

modern wedding invitation in psd templateDownload

Elegant & Vintage Wedding Invitation

elegant vintage wedding invitationDownload

Printable Wedding Anniversary Invitation Card

Wedding Photo Invitation Card

wedding photo invitation cardDownload

Wedding Christian Invitation Card

wedding christian invitation cardDownload

Wedding Email Invitation Card

wedding email invitation cardDownload

Printable Wedding Anniversary Card

Happy Wedding Anniversary Card

happy wedding anniversary cardDownload

Coral Wedding Anniversary Card

coral wedding anniversary card1Download

Vintage Wedding Anniversary Card

vintagewedding anniversary cardDownload

50th Wedding Anniversary Card

50th wedding anniversary card1Download

Printable Wedding Thank You Card

Wedding Gift Thank You Card

wedding gift thank you cardDownload

Wedding Collage Thank You Card

wedding collage thank you cardDownload

Printable Wedding Congratulations Card

Handmade Wedding Congratulations Card

handmade wedding congratulations cardDownload

Personalized Wedding Congratulations Card

personalised wedding congratulations cardDownload

Disney Engagement Congratulations Card

disney engagement congratulations cardDownload

Gothic Wedding Congratulations Card

gothic wedding congratulations card1Download

Different Kinds of Wedding Cards

As you can find on this page, there are different kinds of cards that you need on your wedding for every type of purpose. Whether you are the bride or groom, a family member or a friend, or even an honored guest; there is always a type of card that you can use.

  • Save-the-Date Cards. When the ring is already on your finger and planning for your wedding day is on the way but the details are not yet finalized, you can send Save-the-Date cards to get your guests in the loop. It is sent before your wedding invitations to announce your wedding date and let your guest know that they will be invited to the occasion.
  • Bridal Shower Cards. A bridal shower is not really an essential part of a wedding preparation but it is a fun tradition to celebrate a woman’s life before she submits everything to her soon-to-husband. Bridal Shower Cards are then given to the bride-to-be in order to give her well wishes for her future as a wife to her husband.
  • Invitation Cards. Perhaps one of the kinds of wedding cards that is just as essential as it is necessary, a Wedding Invitation Card is the most formal and recommended way to let the recipient know that his or her presence is highly appreciated on your wedding day. It should be given at least four weeks before the wedding.
  • Reception Cards. Most of the time, the wedding reception is held in a different place from the wedding ceremony, especially if it is a church wedding. In order to let the witnesses know the location of the celebration, wedding Reception Cards are given with the address and time to show where and when the reception will happen.
  • Program Cards. There are different ways and even rituals to celebrate a wedding after the ceremony. Although not very necessary, program cards are sometimes included in the invitation to let guests know the flow of events and whether they need to participate in some parts.
  • Menu Cards. Aside from the reception cards, Menu Cards are also given especially if a catering is involved. It allows guests to have an idea what to expect for lunch or dinner, whether an alternative food for vegetarians is included or whether the dishes are safe for their allergies.
  • Congratulations Cards. This type of cards is given by attendees rather than the hosts as what the above types are for. Just like Bridal Shower Cards, Congratulatory Cards are given to the bride and groom to give them best wishes and good luck for their future together.
  • Gift Cards. If you’re a guest to a wedding but you hate to bring big bulk of gifts wrapped in fancy paper, you can always give Gift Cards to the couple which may contain a check with an ample amount of money or an equivalent, such as a trip for two to somewhere exotic or an overnight stay at some five-star hotel.
  • Thank You Cards. After the wedding, it is an etiquette to send Thank You Cards for the gifts you received before, during or even after your wedding day. They don’t have to be lengthy and elaborate, as long as you are able to show that you acknowledge their gift and appreciate their thoughtfulness.
  • Anniversary Cards. As a guest or a family member, you can always send you well wishes year after year by sending out Anniversary Cards to the couple. Also, you can send these cards to your wife or husband on your own anniversary celebration to celebration the happy years you spend together.

Printable Funny Wedding Card

Funny Comments Wedding Card

funny comments wedding cardDownload

Funny Personal Wedding Card

funny personal wedding cardDownload

Free Funny Wedding Card

free funny wedding card1Download

Funny Wedding Announcement Card

funny wedding announcement cardDownload

Printable Wedding Menu Card

Wedding Reception Menu Card

wedding reception menu cardDownload

Wedding Buffet Menu Card

wedding buffet menu cardDownload

Wedding Menu Card Layout

wedding menu card layout1Download

Wedding Menu Card Wording

wedding menu card wordingDownload

Printable Wedding Reception Card

Letterpress Wedding Program Reception Card

letterpress wedding program reception cardDownload

Wedding Border Reception Card

wedding border reception cardDownload

Rustic Wedding Reception Card

rustic wedding reception cardDownload

Gold Foil Wedding Reception Card

gold foil wedding reception cardDownload

Printable Wedding Anniversary Wishes Card

Floral Wedding Anniversary Wishes Card

floral wedding wishes cardDownload

40th Wedding Anniversary Wishes Card

40th wedding anniversary wishes cardDownload

Printable Wedding Gift Card

Wedding Gift Certificate

wedding gift certificateDownload

Personalized Wedding Gift Card

personalised wedding gift cardDownload

Printable Wedding Gift Card

printable wedding gift cardDownload

Elegant Wedding Gift Card

elegant wedding gift cardDownload

Basic Things to Put in Your Wedding Cards

Aside from Thank-You Cards and Congratulatory Cards, the purpose of most wedding cards is to inform people especially guests the different details about the wedding. These are basic information you should include in most of your wedding cards.

  • What. There are many kinds of invitations and when sending out save-the-date and invitation cards, you should indicate what it is for and what kind of occasion is being held and celebrated.
  • Who. For wedding cards, the people involved such as the ones who are getting married along with other hosts such as their parents or sponsors should be recognized and indicated.
  • Where. You don’t want to get your guests lost or, worse, not being able to come because they don’t know where to go. Perhaps one of the most important parts of an invitation is the location.
  • When. When the party is happening like the date and time should be indicated if you don’t want your guests to arrive just minutes before you have your first kiss as husband and wife.
  • RSVP. An RSVP with a deadline is needed in case you have a limited venue or you need an accurate count of who is coming in order to know how much supplies should the catering prepare.
  • Dress code. In case you are having a formal or themed wedding and you want your guests to come in specific attire, it should be stated clearly in the invitation to ensure they don’t get out of place.

For more wedding cards ideas, you can also check out another compilation of Wedding Cards on the site.

Printable Unique Wedding Card

Unique Fall Wedding Card

unique fall wedding cardDownload

Unique Wedding Place Card

unique wedding place cardDownload

Unique Classic Wedding Card

unique classic wedding cardDownload

Simple and Unique Wedding Card

simple and unique wedding cardDownload

Creative Printable Wedding Card

Creative Design for Wedding Card

creative design for wedding cardDownload

Vintage Creative Wedding Card

vintage creative wedding cardDownload

Printable Vintage Wedding Card

Vintage Antique Wedding Card

vintage antique wedding cardDownload

Vintage Wedding Post Card

vintage wedding post cardDownload

Vintage Romantic Wedding Card

Vintage Themed Wedding Card

vintage themed wedding cardDownload

Printable DIY Wedding Card

DIY Country Wedding Card

diy country wedding cardDownload

DIY Fabric Wedding Card

diy fabric wedding cardDownload

DIY Lace Wedding Card

diy lace wedding cardDownload

Printable Rustic Wedding Card

Rustic Lace Wedding Card

rustic lace wedding cardDownload

Rustic Wooden Wedding Card

rustic wooden wedding cardDownload

Rustic Halloween Wedding Card

rustic halloween wedding cardDownload

Rustic Wedding Menu Card

rustic wedding menu cardDownload

The Wedding Card Checklist

Couples are steering away from the standard wedding cards and are using different styles from the wide variety of paper and printing options available. Below are some items that you should consider before you order or create your own wedding cards, not just to stay on the budget but also to make sure that you’re happy with them.

  • Type. Whether you opt for the traditional cards which are made with heavy stock, cotton or linen paper for a formal invitation, or you if want to forego enclosures for a less-formal vibe, it is best to decide the type of invitation or the overall theme of your wedding first.
  • Contents. Next is to decide what your wedding cards should say. There are basic things that should be included in your cards but you can always try to play around with words to make it more personalized, which includes the type style and ink you want to use.
  • Personalization. Perhaps you want to make your cards more of your own, you can customize it by incorporating additional designs such as bows or ribbons or embellish it with motifs, graphics, monograms, and family crests. Just make sure they match with each other.
  • Number. You may also want to consider the number of cards that you need as giving out every card to each guest can cause a fortune. Maybe you can only send Wedding Invitations to sponsors and distant relatives, while close family members may only need the Save-the-Date Cards.
  • Budget. Last but not the least, is to think of your budget and how you are going to stick by it. With many personalization ideas, you may get carried away and end up giving a few cards to a few guests. You have to stay on the budget as these are not the only thing to prepare for a wedding.

Other Wedding Card Tips

The kind of wedding cards you choose says a lot about your style as a couple but who knew there would be so many types to choose from? To help you determine the right style and keep you on track, take these wedding card tips.

  • Define your wedding style. Your wedding style should include the level of formality of the event as well as the motif of your celebration. You should be able to define all the details so you will have a guide in shopping for stationery or deciding what type of decorations you need.
  • Know your colors. It is easy to get lost in a myriad of available colors for weddings, so you have to develop a palette of favorite hues that will perfectly represent your style and can be carried throughout the rest of your wedding cards to make a cohesive look.
  • Play with shape and sizes. Because there isn’t a standard for wedding cards, you are always free to do anything with its shapes and sizes to make it more personal. However, you may still have to consider the standard size of envelopes so you won’t have problems sending them.
  • Make sure they are readable. While you consider the colors and patterns of your wedding cards, you should also think about the readability and legibility of the text. Also, if you want to put a lot of texts on your cards, you may consider a shape and size that gives you enough space.
  • Don’t crowd the card. When putting text and other elements on the card, make sure to choose your words wisely and you don’t get carried away with the different trinkets available to decorate your cards. A photo may not be a good idea for smaller types of cards.

Because we all know each couple is unique in what they want to achieve with their wedding cards, make sure to choose your wedding card designs carefully. Here at Template.net, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect wedding card option to fit your needs and style. All these cards are downloadable for free. They are also editable so you can change the details according to your personal preferences and use them to bring your wedding stationery to the next level.

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