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17+ Nautical Wedding Templates – PSD, AI

Have you chosen a motif or theme for your wedding? If not, take a look at the different nautical wedding templates that we have compiled below. These printable templates will work well with a beach or nautical wedding theme. Use them as a design inspiration for fine-tuning your own wedding motif choice. You may also see invitation samples.

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The best wedding template is often the one that captures the couple’s personalities and style preferences while still being functional. Nowadays, there are different ways to achieve this thanks to the increase in using pre-made wedding stationery design templates.

Nautical Wedding Invitation Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed


Remember that your wedding papers let your guests know to some extent what to expect at your wedding. Also, by making sure that your wedding stationery sports your wedding website theme, you are creating a sense of unity—something that can be an important symbol for marriage.

Obviously, nautical-themed weddings need to use nautical-themed wedding templates. Listed below are different types of printable wedding templates that will work for a nautical-themed wedding.

Nautical Wedding Save the Date Cards

Aside from your Facebook or Instagram post about your engagement, Save the Date cards will serve as the first mode of formal communication that guests often receive about your wedding. If you have not yet pinpointed a specific theme or motif for your wedding, you may choose a random card design. The Save the Date card does not have to adhere to your wedding theme, but if you have already chosen a theme, it is better to stick with it.

Embedded below are different examples of Save the Date templates that you may download and use for your own wedding.

Customizable Wedding Save the Date Card Template

Waves and Anchor Save the Date Card Wedding Template

Sailor Pattern Nautical Wedding Collection

Nautical Wedding Invitation Cards

Invitation cards are an indispensable part of any wedding stationery package. You may have to forgo using the other wedding card templates, but couples will always need to have their own wedding invitation cards. You may also have to adjust your invitation card design based on the type of wedding ceremony and reception you want to have. Make sure you are not committing any wedding faux pas by reading this short article about etiquette for how to write a wedding invitation.

To make the wedding planning process easier, you may also resort to using pre-made wedding invitation templates. There are also wedding invitation sets that already include all the necessary wedding stationery templates that a couple will need. This way, the invitation card design you choose will remain consistent with other decorative elements used in the wedding.

If you are planning a nautical-themed wedding, some downloadable wedding template packages are embedded below.

Deep Blue Sea Navy Wedding Template Suite

Light Blue Nautical Wedding Invitation Kit

Maritime Wedding Invitation Template Set

Mint and Navy Starfish Nautical Wedding Invitation Card

Nautical Save the Date Postcard Invitation Template

Nautical Vibes Wedding Invitation Suite

Nautical Wedding Boarding Pass Ticket Invitation Template

Octopus Nautical Wedding Invitation Suite

Rustic Nautical Anchor Wedding Card Template

Striped Nautical Anchor Wedding Suite Templates

Watermark Nautical Wedding Suite Template

Nautical Wedding RSVP Cards

RSVP cards or response cards are often sent along with the official wedding invitation cards. This allows guests to conveniently send back their replies to the couple. Other couples may include pre-paid self-addressed stamped envelopes for easier mailing, while other couples may allow responses by email or phone. If they choose the latter option, the contact information such as the phone number, email address, or mobile number of their wedding planner may be included on the RSVP card.

You may create your response cards separately by using wedding RSVP card templates. Just make sure that the template design you choose will still match your wedding’s overall theme.

Typography Nautical Wedding RSVP Template

Nautical Wedding Address Label Cards

As its name implies, address labels are printed cards sized like a professional business card that contain the address of the sender or owner of the card. Wedding address label cards are used to inform guests of the couple’s new address or the address where they need to send their wedding gifts.

Similar to creating business cards, a couple needs to make sure that their printable wedding address labels are distinguishable from other address labels. One way to do that is by incorporating their own wedding monogram or their own wedding logo design into the address label.

The template shown below is an example of a nautical wedding monogram template. This template may be used in other wedding stationery templates so that all your wedding papers bear a unifying design element.

Nautical Wedding Menu Card

After the cards used primarily before or during the wedding ceremony, you will now need wedding cards that will be used for the wedding reception. First on that list is a wedding menu card. If you are looking for a nautical or beach wedding template that has a good nautical design, try out the different wedding menu templates shown below.

Menu cards used in weddings often need to be straight to the point. This means that the guests should be able to easily read the listed menu items. When choosing a printable menu template, make sure that it follows a good layout format while still subtly incorporating the different nautical design themes.

Check three examples of downloadable wedding menu templates below. Each of them will suit any nautical wedding theme.

Nautical Wedding Program Cards

One way to make sure that a wedding is well-organized is by ensuring that the guests (and the couple themselves) know what is going on at specific times during the event. This is often done by using wedding program cards. These wedding program timeline cards are often formatted with a bullet list of different events. This may include a traditional wedding mass, exchange of vows, a list of the entire wedding entourage, and the general order of events. Some wedding programs will even have an allotted time stamp for each event.

These program cards are often distributed at the wedding venue or are placed on the guests’ assigned seats. Some wedding programs may also be fashioned to look like fans or fancy booklets to increase their functionality. Even simple things like this may still incorporate a nautical theme just by using a few nautical patterns or by printing them on paper using the same aquatic wedding colors.

Shown below are different wedding program templates you could use for your own wedding.

Nautical Wedding Seating Chart

Wedding seating charts are important wedding cards if you have a lot of guests. The seating chart should be placed at the entrance of the wedding reception and should be visible enough so that all the guests can read them before entering the venue. This helps organize the flow of people and also lessens the chances of people getting lost or occupying seats not intended for them.

As with any material used for your wedding, make sure that you add your own wedding logos or monograms into the wedding seating chart template before printing them out. This helps emphasize the nautical graphic design elements that you wish to highlight all throughout your wedding.

A tip: Make sure to use the same wedding font for all your wedding stationery designs.

Other Nautical Wedding Cards

Aside from the different printable wedding cards mentioned earlier, you may also use table number cards, escort cards, and thank you cards for your wedding. Each of these cards has available pre-made printable templates.

For instance, you may create matching escort cards and place cards using pre-made escort and place card templates. Escort cards are usually placed at the reception venue’s receiving table. An escort card will contain the name of the guest and his or her table and/or seat number. The wedding place cards, on the other hand, are placed right on the specific seat allotted for a guest. These two wedding cards serve to validate a guest’s seat location.

A wedding table number card is generally a large card printed with the table number. These cards are often placed in a noticeable position in the middle of each table so that guests will be able to notice them right away. On some weddings, couples may choose to use table names instead of table numbers. Doing this often comes in handy when playing wedding games.

Another miscellaneous wedding card that couples may choose to have is a wedding thank you card. You may use a wedding thank you card template designed with different nautical icons so that your guests will be reminded of your wedding. Newlyweds often send thank you cards to their guests to express their gratitude for attending and supporting their wedding.

The wedding stationery set pictured below includes matching nautical-themed templates for a wedding place card and a table number card.

Nautical Maritime Wedding Stationery Set

Steps for choosing nautical wedding template designs

Once you have decided that you will be following a nautical wedding theme, your next step is to choose the specific design elements that will help portray your vision of a nautical-themed wedding. We have compiled a few tips below to help make this process easier.

  • Choose an official wedding color or color scheme palette. Yes, you may have already decided that you would love to have a nautical theme for your upcoming wedding. But this theme can be very broad. That is why you need to further narrow down your design preferences. And the first thing you need to consider is the official wedding color. Nautical weddings often follow a navy blue or green color scheme. But there are a lot of other color combinations like blue and red, teal, light blue, etc. that may also suit a nautical-themed wedding. You need to choose the specific color palette that you want to appear in all your wedding papers and decor. The color combination of your choice will then help set your wedding apart from all other nautical weddings.
  • Choose the specific design elements that you want to be included in your wedding templates. After choosing an official wedding color, it is now time to choose the specific design elements that will be used in your wedding templates. If you are commissioning someone to create your wedding template, this will come in handy for them. Or if you are using a pre-made printable template, you will know what design elements to look for. A nautical theme will mean that your wedding stationery may include any of the following elements: the sea or ocean, sea creatures, watercolor paper textures, nautical icons, floral patterns, flag or navigation icons, beach patterns, cursive font styles, anchor patterns, mermaid drawings, seashell patterns, and a lot more. You may choose one or two of these design elements and incorporate them in your wedding paper design. Or, you may directly opt for wedding templates that will already have these design elements. Choose the latter option if you want to save time in creating your own wedding template.
  • Choose what kind of template download file type you want. Once you have decided on a color scheme and the design elements, you now need to determine what kind of editable file type you want your wedding templates to be in. This step is crucial for those who are purchasing pre-made nautical wedding templates. Wedding printables may be stored in various file formats like PSD (Adobe Photoshop), INDD (Adobe InDesign), DOC (Microsoft Word), PUB (Microsoft Publisher), EPS (Adobe Illustrator), PDF (Adobe Acrobat), or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). For instance, if you know how to use Adobe Photoshop and if you already have the software program installed on your computer, it is better to choose wedding card templates in PSD. Doing this helps cut down time to install and to learn the ropes of a new software program. Also, Adobe Photoshop is a preferred file creation and storage medium for vector templates.
  • Pick a wedding template that includes all these design elements. The next step is to pick a wedding template that incorporates all the design elements, file type preferences, and wedding colors that you want. Couples seldom find the perfect wedding template right away. When this happens, it is best to just use the next best template that is fully customizable. This way, you can make minor edits to the template like adding a creative logo design or changing the template’s background color to the one you prefer. Doing this is often easier and quicker than creating a wedding template from scratch.
  • Determine the wedding card sizes. After that, you now need to choose a printable wedding template that is sized according to your preference. Wedding invitation card sizes can be standard letter size (8 inches by 11 inches), to 5 inches by 7 inches, or to smaller rack card template sizes. The size of your wedding invitation card may also depend on the design elements and information you want to include on the card. You also have to choose if you want double-sided wedding cards, bi-fold, tri-fold, or even booklet-sized card designs. You need to carefully consider this aspect before actually printing out your wedding templates. As a tip, choosing smaller wedding invitation card sizes is preferable if you want to reduce printing costs. Also, remember that you will not only be printing out wedding invitation cards. As this article has listed earlier, additional wedding cards like RSVP cards, table cards, thank you cards, menu cards, etc. will still need to be printed. So you may want to plan ahead for that, too.
  • Determine printer settings and adjust accordingly. Lastly, you need to prepare your printer for the entire printing process. If you are not comfortable with doing the printing on your own, you may use the services of a professional print shop. But for those who want to reduce costs and prefer a DIY approach, you may still do the printing at home. If you choose the latter option, remember that you may need to stock up on printer ink and paper before beginning so that you will not be interrupted in the middle of printing a batch of menu cards. Also, remember that if you are using nautical wedding templates that call for front and back printing, you may need to adjust your printer settings accordingly. Follow these steps properly and you will have no problem with the entire printing process.

Other nautical wedding decor ideas

When you have a nautical theme for your wedding, you also need to consider the wedding ceremony and reception venue’s decorations. This is often the job of a wedding planner; but if you want to be more hands-on with your wedding, there is no reason why you should not do so. Listed below are a few nautical wedding style ideas that you could incorporate into your wedding.

  • Use a navy or maritime theme as your wedding photobooth background. Photobooths now seem to be a mandatory part of most modern weddings. In a selfie-obsessed world, your guests will love it when they can take their wedding pictures in front of a replica of a boat or a picturesque sunset with matching sailor tools. These photobooth pictures may also be used as wedding souvenirs your guests could bring home.
  • Take note of the tiniest details. Even if most couples and wedding planners do not admit it, weddings will somehow still be about your guests even if the event is held to celebrate a couple’s union. Besides, there is nothing wrong with making sure that your guests are enjoying themselves while you are feeling happy being married yourself. To make the event more enjoyable and memorable, pay special attention to tiny decorative elements used for your wedding. Examples include the wedding door hangers and the table napkins used for your wedding. You may add the same nautical design elements and nautical fonts to these items.
  • Incorporate nautical design elements into your wedding cake. Yes, the wedding cake is one of the things that guests will look forward to in a wedding. Aside from making sure that it is delicious, it also pays to incorporate some nautical design elements in the cake’s design. You may use navy-colored icing or cake decor items like seashells and navy flags. Doing this will further highlight your wedding motif.
  • Use navy-themed centerpieces. Any formal wedding reception will be incomplete without a floral arrangement on each table. A good way to showcase your wedding theme in the flower arrangement is by using metal buckets as a vase. This may give a somewhat informal effect, but it will work well if you are holding your wedding reception at a seaside location. Other table centerpiece ideas may include seashells, starfishes, and even mussels lined up to create a table runner. Your imagination is the limit.
  • Decorate your guest book table with nautical-themed design items. Wedding guest books are often used by couples who want a record of all the guests who attended the event. Different couples will have different gimmicks to make this corner of the wedding reception venue more appealing. For a nautical-themed wedding, you may decorate your guest book table with different props associated with naval navigation. You may use anchor replicas, life vests, rustic signs, wicker baskets, and other decorative accessories.

These are just a few nautical wedding style suggestions that you could use for your own destination wedding. Feel free to build upon these design suggestions to make your own wedding more fun and memorable.

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