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Cards have many usage nowadays. From practical business cards to party invitations, cards of all shapes and sizes are used by many people around the globe. If you’re interested in using a card for a certain purpose, then you’re probably here looking to make one of your own.

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Well, you’ve come to the right place. On this list, you’ll find card templates to help you make whatever kind of card you need in Photoshop document format. From then on, you can easily just print the card you’ve made using the templates with the help of a computer.

Business Card Template in PSD

Vertical Business Card Template

vertical business card templateDownload

Blank Business Card Template

blank business card template


Vintage Business Card Template

vintage business card templateDownload

Modern Business Card Template

modern business card templateDownload

Corporate Business Card Template

corporate business card templateDownload

ID Card Template in PSD

Free ID Card Template

free id card templateDownload

Company ID Card Template

company id card templateDownload

Invitation Card Template in PSD

Wedding Invitation Card Template

wedding invitation card templateDownload

Birthday Invitation Card Template

birthday invitation card templateDownload

Party Invitation Card Template

party invitation card templateDownload

Baby Shower Invitation Card Template

baby shower invitation card templateDownload

Show the World What You Want to Tell Them through Cards

It’s amazing what words can convey nowadays. Whether it’s merely for business or something as heartfelt like a greeting card, these card templates can help you make a special card for each different occasion and purpose.

The card templates here can help you make a lot of things.

  • Business cards – best used by businessmen to look professional and attract clients to them. If you want to look like a pro who is skilled at your work, then designing yourself a business card you think is best suited to your image can pay off in attracting potential clients to you.
  • Greeting cards – never hurts to say hello to a friend who lives far away with the use of a greeting card. Style that card to reflect the place that you live in and say a heartfelt greeting to the friend or family member of yours who lives away from you. This can help you with long distanced friendships.
  • Birthday invitations – always fun to celebrate our special day with friends. Invite the birthday celebrants friends and family to come and celebrate his special day with him. It only happens once a year after all. No one wants to be by their lonesome on their special day.
  • Wedding invitations – always a joyful moment to see two in holy matrimony. It’s a beautiful thing to see two individuals joined together by God and law. You should make fancy wedding invitations that reflects the mood of the wedding for the two lovebirds. It’s their special they after all, and they deserve to be surrounded by supportive friends and family.
  • Menus – often do restaurants need a good template to be able to include all their food items on the menu. With these menu card templates available to you, you can easily make a menu that’s both stylish and elegant to reflect the restaurant’s overall theme for itself and the food it serves.
  • Recipe – always have a lesson to give. When you make good food and you know it, chances are your friends and family would want to make food the same way you do for themselves. You can give anyone the recipe card for a dish you’re proud of serving and they should be able to replicate it.
  • Anniversary cards – never overlook the feelings of your significant other. Always remember to celebrate a long-standing relationship and thank them for their role in your life. These anniversary cards can help you and your other half appreciate the beauty and fortitude of your relationship.
  • Holiday greetings – always fun to celebrate the holidays with your neighbors. Why not give out a holiday card with a design that fits the holiday spirit and give them to your friends and family? There’s no better time than to bond during the holidays with the people you care about.

So you see? There are many uses for all sorts of cards, depending on the occasion. If you’re looking to make a card for someone, then you’ll definitely find the right template on this list.

Wedding Card Template in PSD

Wedding Anniversary Card Template

wedding anniversary card templateDownload

Wedding Menu Card Template

wedding menu card templateDownload

Wedding Thank You Card Template

wedding thank you card templateDownload

Greeting Card Template in PSD

Bi-Fold Greeting Card Template

bi fold greeting card templateDownload

Greeting Card Envelope Template

greeting card envelope templateDownload

Blank Greeting Card Template

blank greeting card templateDownload

Birthday Greeting Card Template

birthday greeting card templateDownload

Birthday Card Template in PSD

birthday card template psdDownload

Frozen Birthday Card Template

frozen birthday card templateDownload

Birthday Gift Card Template

birthday gift card templateDownload

DIY Menu Card Template

diy menu card templateDownload

Blank Menu Card Template

blank menu card templateDownload

Recipe Card Template in PSD

Blank Recipe Card Template

blank recipe card templateDownload

Free Recipe Card Template

free recipe card templateDownload

Visiting Card Template in PSD

Photography Visiting Card Template

photography visiting card templateDownload

Free Visiting Card Template

free visiting card templateDownload

The Beauty of Words

Even a simple card saying hello to someone can show how much you care about them. It doesn’t have to be special to get the point across, but the design of the card templates on this list will special enough to warm their hearts and bring you two closer together. What happens next depends on the words that you use for the cards.

So you see? These cards are capable of delivering a heartfelt message from Person A to Person B and allow them to keep in touch and even strengthen their relationship and remind them that it’s worth cherishing what they share together.

The Practical Use of Cards

On the other side of the coin, cards can also be used for business. Whether for restaurant menus or for business cards, the templates on this list can help you make both.

  • Card templates can help you design the best styled menu suited to the restaurant it’s being used by. These cards can be styled to reflect the food being served as well as the theme of the restaurant itself. This would help the overall mood of the restaurant by making its customers feel that the restaurant’s atmosphere is authentic.
  • Business cards are more often used by businessmen, such as CEOs, to reflect professionalism. They have interesting designs that makes the giver look skilled and talented at his profession. It also contains the contact number of the individual who gives the card to his potential client. This helps the card giver attract more clients for his business.

What Matters Most?

What matters most is the meaning behind these cards given.

They can be heartwarming to the receiver of said cards. Although they may seem small and insignificant to many, the effect they have on people is anything but. If you have someone you value and cherish, whether it be friendship or familial love, then put the effort into giving them a card for the holidays or merely just for a greeting. After all, how would you yourself feel from receiving a card from a friend you haven’t seen in a long time implying that they haven’t forgotten about you.

So you see that these cards have more uses for them than just decorated pieces of paper? Hopefully, this list helped you gain a new perspective on the use of cards.

Vintage Card Template in PSD

Vintage Business Card Template

vintage business card template1Download

Vintage Birthday Card Template

vintage birthday card templateDownload

Vintage Invitation Card Template

vintage invitation card templateDownload

Vintage Recipe Card Template

vintage recipe card templateDownload

Thank You Card Template in PSD

Graduation Thank You Card Template

graduation thank you card templateDownload

Baby Shower Thank You Card Template

baby shower thank you card templateDownload

Free Thank You Card Template

free thank you card templateDownload

Holiday Card Template in PSD

Happy Holiday Card Template

happy holiday card templateDownload

Holiday Recipe Card Template

holiday recipe card templateDownload

Holiday Gift Card Template

holiday gift card templateDownload

Anniversary Card Template in PSD

Wedding Anniversary Card Template

wedding anniversary card template1Download

Free Anniversary Card Template

free anniversary card templateDownload

Anniversary Greeting Card Template

anniversary greeting card templateDownload

Gift Card Template in PSD

Birthday Gift Card Template

birthday gift card template1Download

Gift Voucher Card Template

gift voucher card templateDownload

Blank Card Template in PSD

Free Blank Card Template

free blank card templateDownload

Styles of a Card

These card templates can have their own unique style depending on your imagination and tastes. It can be easy to customize them because they’re in Photoshop file format before they are printed out. This makes it easy for you to make necessary adjustments before you print them out.

There are many things you can do to make a card more stylish when you take these things into consideration.

  • Theme – a card’s theme should suit whatever the reason it’s being given out for. For example, if you are giving a Christmas card, then you’d want the card to reflect the mood of the holiday. White and snowy designs usually do the trick, but you can add more if you feel like it. You can design the card theme for every card you want to make.
  • Color – though it may not seem like much, a card’s color can have an effect on whether or not the said card looks good. Colors such as orange and red usually don’t mix together, so if you’re making a card that has a design that wouldn’t suit the overall color, you can easily change it.
  • Design – the design of the card itself, both front and back, can help make a card look really pretty. If you’re putting some real effort into giving a good card, then you can make the design based on your individual tastes. Add props to the card on your own leisure and take them away if you don’t like the appearance.
  • Art – art designs on the outside and inside of a card can really give the card a more exotic look. You can put in flowery art or swirling art around the edges of the card to make it look better. You can do this at your own choice if you think that it would fit the card’s overall style in any way.
  • Text – the words are what’s the most important to convey. The message you send to others is something you should really think deep about. They can affect your relationship with them more than the flashy designs of the card itself. Depending on the occasion, you can come up with just the right words to reach a person’s heart.

There are many ways you can make your card unique on its own right. While not necessary, a creative mind can really make a good card to give to his friends and family members. This helps with the atmosphere the card itself is trying to give off while conveying the message that was meant to be sent.

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