What is an Animal Identification Card?

An animal identification card bears a great significance in verifying an animal’s status as an emotional support animal, service dog, assistance dog, or therapy dog. This type of document is also used to identify an animal or pet. Usually, an animal identification card includes information such as the name of the dog, its handler or owner, address, and barcodes for security measures.

How to Create an Animal ID Card?

It is a known fact that dogs are a man’s best friend, which is why they are the most popular form of emotional support animals. However, it is a little known fact that a moderately sized animal who has the temperament for the job can be qualified as an emotional support animal too. With 46.4% of adults in the United States experiencing a mental health disorder in their lifetime, emotional support animals have become increasingly significant since they provide a therapeutic benefit to people with this type of medical condition.

Provide your animals or pets proper identification cards or tags for verification of ownership and instant identification. With the step-by-step guide provided below, we guarantee you that it will be easier for you to craft an animal ID card.

1. Gather Information

All the necessary information you will incorporate in the animal ID card should be prepared before you start drafting your identification card design. For a service animal identification card, record essential details such as the handler, role or designation, breed (for dogs), and registration number. If you want to have a legitimate support animal, you should also research on the specific measures you have to take to have your pet registered.

2. Launch a Program

After you have gathered all the necessary details, you may now start designing the animal identification card. Choose a user-friendly editing application to help you get the job done easily. You can make use of Adobe’s software programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. However, if you prefer word processors, you may use MS Word or Apple Pages.

3. Choose a Template

After opening a program, you may download one of our identification card templates so you won’t have to start from scratch. On this site, we have unique and ready-made templates you can instantly download. Our animal identification cards mockups range from service ID card template to animal rescue ID card template. These files come with a landscape (horizontal) orientation. Choose the one you like best and download it in your preferred file format.

4. Modify Details

Now that you have chosen a template, the next thing you have to do is to modify the details. Type in necessary information such as the animal’s name, its designation, complete name of the handler or owner, address, and identification card number. Also, attach a high-quality image of the animal. High-quality images will provide better identification of a particular animal since it highlights certain facial features of the animal which sets it apart from the others. At the back portion of the card, state the terms and conditions. You may also include contact details in case of emergency.

5. Review

Review all the details and make sure the document is free from errors. If you want to incorporate security measures in your layout, you may add barcodes, watermark effects, or hologram security stickers.

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