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What is an Association Identification Card?

The main purpose of a simple ID card is to act as proof of the identity of a person that belongs to a particular group or establishment. In this case, an association identification card is meant to show who is affiliated with a specific association. This type of document helps confirm that an individual is a legitimate member of a particular organization.

How to Make an Association Identification Card?

Various types of associations are recognized globally. There are associations that are specifically organized for the press, journalists, teachers, veterans, doctors, government employees, etc. Likewise, a university has several organizations like student government, academic, and community service organizations to name a few. If you are organizing an association, it is important that you provide the members with professional identity cards for the legitimacy of their membership. Typically, it contains information such as the name of the bearer, the association he or she belongs to, birthdate, card number, and the terms and conditions. Provided below are five easy ways to accomplish the task.

1. Gather Necessary Information

Before you start creating a modern identification card for every member of the association, you first have to gather all the necessary information you will include in the card. Make sure that you have their full names spelled correctly. Having all the necessary information laid out in front of you will make it easier for you to finish the identification card later on.

2. Decide on the Card’s Size

After opening a program on your computer, the first thing you need to do is to decide on the size of the identification card. A printable ID should not be too large nor too small. To give you an idea, the standard size of an ID card is 3.370 inches by 2.125 inches.

3. Choose Colors and Fonts

Keep in mind that the overall appearance of your membership identification card will say a lot about your organization. Start with selecting the right colors and fonts for you to come up with professionally designed IDs for your association’s members. Choose a color that would best represent your organization. For the fonts, avoid using decorative fonts to ensure the legibility of the card’s information.

4. Work On the Content

Now that you have selected the appropriate colors and fonts, start working on the content. Attach a high-quality profile image of the bearer for better identification. Then type in detail such as the complete name of the bearer, position, and ID number. Also, don’t forget to include the name and logo of the association, agency, or organization the bearer is representing. At the back portion of the card, state the terms and conditions, validity, and information on how to return the lost editable ID card.

5. Save and Print

Finalize your design and save it to get it ready for printing. Identification cards are usually printed on high-quality and durable material such as PVC plastic or synthetic paper material.

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