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When Making an Automotive Magazine, Choose for an Easy Start. Select a Professional Design Template and Edit and Print It for Free. Customize Online the Suggested Magazine Cover, Images, Graphic Elements, Content Lines, Background, and Contents Page. See more

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If you want to get creative with the layout of your auto trade newspaper magazine, classic car editorial magazine, Japanese auto car magazine, or retro sports car catalog, browse for minimalist and modern automobile magazine templates. All available templates are made with original content and beautiful, suggestive graphic elements. Choose from any of our templates you can use to create a catalog of your award-winning card ad drivers.  

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With as a free drag-and-drop editor tool offering a library of beautiful preset magazine templates, you don't have to start from blank when making a front cover for your auto or car dealer magazine design. Using our convenient design tool, click and drag images and other elements to achieve the magazine layout format you have in mind. If you're making a classic or modern news reports magazine, enjoy a free hand in using our editor tool to create your preferred design. After making free edits, download your copy in PDF or PNG to keep it forever.