Are you planning to make a promotional flyer that will highlight your expertise as a broker, types of services you offer, packages, and any other relevant business information? If you are, then you have found the solution. We offer beautifully designed, professionally made, and 100% customizable broker flyer templates that are made available in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.23x11.69 inches + Bleed sizes and in default file formats indicated in the description. We assure you that you will not regret using our pro flyer templates plus we made it accessible for you, anytime, anywhere. Download and subscribe now!

What is a Broker Flyer?

Before anything else, you should know the difference of a real estate agent and real estate broker. A real estate agent is someone who earned a real estate license; meanwhile, a broker is an agent who also passed his or her broker license exam. A broker flyer is a tool used by real estate brokers in advertising their business.

How to Make an Engaging Broker Flyer

According to an article posted by the National Association of Realtors, the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) estimated that there are about 2 million active real estate licencees in the United States as of 2018. The aforementioned statistics signifies that there is a tough competition of brokerage business in United States alone. Having an engaging marketing tools such as brochure and flyer would highly benefit your business. The advantage of using a flyer is it is less costly compared to other form of advertisement. Here are some guidelines that you can use in making an engaging broker flyer.

1. Use our Premium Broker Flyer Templates

Studies show that people are more visual than they were before. Your challenge, as a real estate broker, is to make your simple flyer attractive and catchy at first glance. For you to achieve an engaging flyer, you will need the assistance of professional designers. However, we have a better option for you which is less costly compared to the prior suggestion. Ladies and gents, you don't have to start from scratch because we offer high quality broker flyer templates. The content and the flyer design is thoroughly done by the experts of our team because we only want what's best for our clients. If I were you, I would rather use a flyer template.

2. Put a Catchy Headline

If you want to have someone avail to the services that you offer, you have to make sure first that your headline is attention grabbing. Use a typeface that is formal yet attractive to look at. A headline that is very formal may sounds boring, therefore, you must be creative in making your headline so you can arouse the interest of the reader.

3. Utilize Relevant Photos

Use photos that are relevant to the mortgage product or the type of service you are offering. Putting an irrelevant photo to your broker flyer might mislead the reader and may cause confusion.

4. Deal with the Content

Make sure that the content of your promotional flyer is clear and concise. Avoid huge block of text, instead use special formatting to emphasize your current offers. Specify in your content the reasons why the reader should choose you among other brokers. Most importantly, do not forget to put a call to action together with your contact information—name of your firm and its opening hours, business address, phone number, and name of your website—so the clients will know how to contact you.

5. Proofread and Print

Always check for grammatical errors and misspelled words in your broker flyer. You, as the flyer maker, can run it through online programs, however, do not be too confident with the result. You can check it yourself or you can ask an editor to do it for you. Having a visible mistake in your flyer may generate bad impressions to the entire business. Furthermore, use high quality printer and paper to make your sample flyer more presentable and pleasing to the eye.

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