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What Is a Fall Flyer?

A fall flyer is any flyer given out to many people to invite them to an event during the fall season. Another thing, fall and autumn are interchangeable words to use, so you can use the name autumn or fall for your flyer. A survey says that 29% of the nation prefers the fall than other seasons. There are also other flyers you can make aside from a fall flyer; you have a festival flyer, carnival flyer, party flyer, event flyer, sale flyer, pool party flyer, and school flyer.

How to Make a Fall Flyer

fall flyer template

It is the time of the year once again when leaves are falling down and you are starting to welcome the bright and warm season. The fall season is a season people look forward to celebrating harvest and nature. So if you have an upcoming event during the autumn season, and you want to invite people through a promotional flyer, we have these simple steps you can use:

1. Autumn Theme

Marketing flyers need to attract people, so your design should stand out. You need to first decide on the designs you will add. Since your flyer is a fall flyer, you will have to make it a fall or autumn-themed flyer. Given that the fall season is knitted together with nature, your designs should correlate with nature. Your design should touch the nature scene. For your fall flyer background, you may include leaves, animals, landscaping, fall festival decorations, and weather-related to the autumn season. Other pictures and designs you can add are autumn flowers, autumn leaves, lawn care, rustic touched pictures, crops, harvests, rain, wind, water, and trees.

2. Colors to Use

Colors give life to your simple flyers. With that, you can add warm colors which include yellow, orange, and red since these hues give the feeling of warmth. Other colors to include can be deep rust, light apricot, deep peach, burnt orange, deep rust, ochre, and golden brown. These colors will surely give people the warmth of your fall season event. Just give it a simple touch of these colors and don't overdo, simply because the fall season is a peaceful season.

3. Event Name

What is the main event you have during the fall season? Is it a harvest festival, a music festival, a family night celebration, a Thanksgiving celebration, or Halloween? Given that in a fall season there are a number of celebrations like the Color Cruise and Island Festival, Harvest on the Harbor, Ellicottville Fall Festival, and others, you have to make it specific. You can put the name of your event on the upper center of your flyer, to make it really visible.

4. Short Event Description

For the information of the people invited by your sample flyer, you can add short details about what the things people can look forward for your event are. You can write in bullet points. You can add things like free music, carnival, free entry, a fee of the event, free parking, free food, and other enticing things about your event. This way, people will know what things they can enjoy and they can prepare for your event. Another thing, don't forget to include the time, date, and location of your fall event.

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