Isn't love a wonderful thing? How it is constant yet ever-changing like the seasons? Well, why not tie the note on one of the most beautiful times of the year; autumn. Just imagine the golden leaves forming a path to the altar on a grassy plain behind a mountain, some conifers, men clad in rich burgundy suits and women in bohemian dresses? How can this be all possible? Well, with the help of our high-quality, beautifully designed, and downloadable fall wedding invitation templates, you can make it happen. Here at our website, we offer 100% customizable, easy to edit, and printable templates that come in a variety of layouts and designs — all elegant, romantic, can be used on many editing formats such as Photoshop, Pages, and MS Word, and are available in 5x7 Inches + bleed for maximum utility and convenience. Preparing for a wedding is tough enough, so let our templates make fall wedding invitations a breeze for you by subscribing today.

What is a Fall Wedding Invitation?

A fall wedding invitation is a way for you to inform people that you're ready for the next stage of life, just like how autumn heralds the next season to come. In terms of layout though, it's like any other wedding invitation except that its inspiration comes from the colors and theme of fall. It is an amazing experience to have a wedding in the natural and rustic beauty of this season, and your invitation should reflect that.

How to Create a Fall Wedding Invitation?

1. How Will It Be Done?

There are a lot of ways and each having its own advantages. For example, you could go DIY and start from scratch with the old pen, watercolor, and paper strategy, or you could go a bit more modern by using formats like Photoshop or Keynotes — these are two of the most common methods. Do whatever suits you and what is convenient for you: if you have amazing skills in editing formats, then use them to your advantage or if you want a more personalized touch to your work then go full-on handmade. One thing to remember is that you can also use the simple invitation to inform them of the dress code if you want to have one. Maybe you can have floral or bohemian types of dresses for women and men could use navy blue or burgundy suits to really give it a feel of autumn

2. Provide Pictures

You can either use personal photos or search a few up online, but browsing the web for photos, do make sure that they are from actual fall weddings. If you are using an editable format, you can make it more personalized by taking your own pictures of the place where the wedding is to be held, the beautiful scenery, etc., and incorporating them into your design. Do make sure though that you don't use too many pictures because remember, it's a wedding invitation, not a collage.

3. Adopt the Colors of Autumn

You can tell the difference of a regular wedding invitation and a fall wedding invitation based on the color scheme of everything; plain white with mostly conventional reds, pinks, or blues is the color scheme of a regular wedding which isn't what you're looking for in autumn. During fall, some of the colors you usually see are a bit rusty, vintage, maybe colors like maroon, navy blue, burgundy, and gold come into mind. The theme of autumn is the end of one cycle and the start of another and mother nature has captured that perfectly with how autumn landscapes look brownish or golden-orangy — the keyword you're looking for is rustic so try to see if you can get ideas from around your home for the color scheme.

4. Make it Unique

There are many ways to make your sample invitation unique such as making a small message specifically for each person invited to show them why and give them a sense of ownership. You can be very touching or be very satiric (depends on how they know you). This is your special day after all, so why settle for anything but the best? You can go DIY with paper and arts and crafts materials, maybe find a few leaves or dried vines and flowers from your backyard and glue them on to your invitation. Maybe even use dirty white-colored paper or you can give it a nice, coffee smell by sprinkling some of it on your paper. Or why not edit in pictures of fall or amazing sceneries? Maybe even take a picture of what fall looks like in your place and use that as a background image for the text. The worst thing you can do to make a personalized invitation is settling for mediocrity so go all out for the special people joining you on your wonder-"fall" wedding day.

5. Wrap It Up and Send It Over

When you're finally done with your fall wedding invitation, you can now print it out (always good to use a printable layout or template in editing) and send it in an envelope and even make a design out of the envelope. Why settle for a plain white envelope right? It can be as simple as using a different shade of paper to make your own envelope to outright incorporating a few of the suggestions in tip #4.

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