Looking for ways to drive a crowd to your club or pub during its happy hours? Then take a look at our selection of creative and engaging Happy Hour Flyer Templates! These templates can be instantly downloaded, customized, and saved into various formats such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and Photoshop. These printable flyers enable you to spread the word about your happy hour easily, and you don't even have to worry about starting from scratch because every single printable template here already consists of high-quality suggestive content which you can further modify to suit your business tastes. Avail of our subscription plans to get access to our happy hour templates today!

What Is a Happy Hour Flyer?

Like any other flyer, happy hour flyers are marketing materials that draw attention to your restaurants or establishment's happy hour event. Happy hours are that period of the day, usually Fridays, when drinks and food items at a club, bar, or restaurant are sold at discounted prices. You can take advantage of the said discounts and place it on your happy hour flyer design to entice your target customers.

How to Design a Happy Hour Flyer

happy hour flyer template

With the use of an effective happy hour flyer design, you can encourage office workers, couples, friends, and families to attend to your business' happy hours and avail of its discounted beer, cocktails, other alcoholic beverages, and even food items. If you’re considering advertising your happy hours through flyer advertising, we highly recommend you follow these steps that can help you make the most out of your flyer design.

1. Choose a Happy Hour Flyer Template

Why create a happy hour flyer design from scratch when you have the option to use a template? Start by choosing a template among the selection that we have here on this page. Each flyer template includes high-quality visual elements such as fancy graphics and enticing images as well as suggestive written content. For added convenience, these elements are layered into scalable vectors, making it possible for you to customize them further, and modify them to suit the kind of business you run.

2. Customize the Happy Hour Flyer Template

Even if the templates here already have high-quality content that enables you to use the template as is, you still need to customize your promotional flyer further to make it your own. You can start by replacing the placeholder images of drinks to the photos of the actual drinks you serve in your restaurant or club. You can also adjust the position or the placement of the visual elements in the preformatted layout of each template.

3. Come Up with an Inviting Message

As soon as you have dealt with the visual aspect of your happy hour flyer design, you may now proceed to create a copy for your simple flyer. Even if you need to make your text short and direct to the point, make sure you do not compromise the quality of its central message. When it comes to designing any kind of flyers, avoid, at all costs, getting too wordy. You can indicate the essential information people would want to know about your happy hour, such as the who, what, where, and when. Apart from that, ensure you use an appropriate and readable font style, size, and color.

4. Finalize!

Before you hit that print button, make sure you have thoroughly finalized every single content in the final draft of your happy hour flyer design. Check whether the information is accurate, correct every spelling mistakes and grammatical errors you notice, and move the wrongly placed visual elements to the right places. Once you think everything looks excellent and right, you can already save or print it!

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