There are certain expectations that guests would expect at dinner parties: meals, whether served as buffets or as sit-down multi-course dinners, take a lot of time and effort, not only in creating the menu, but in the table settings and overall ambiance as well. This is why people tend to specify when they’re throwing a proper dinner party invitation. Themed or not, guests are expected not only to bring themselves, but their appetites as well. The tone of your dinner party will be seen in your invitation, so it will be in your best interest not to settle for store-bought invites.

Whether you are looking to send your simple invitations via snail mail or digitally through email or social media, you have to ensure that you are able to grab guests’ attention and have them actually read your dinner invitation. This is especially important to remember when sending digital invitations because people are more likely to skip them over or forget about them as soon as they see the next post on their timeline.

Designing invitations that will fit your event theme and your personal taste can be time consuming. offers numerous dinner invitation templates for you to choose from. Whether you are planning for a fun dinner banquet for family and friends or a full, formal six-course meal for your business colleagues, there are plenty of options made available for you. These days, there is no need to create your own invitation from scratch, thanks to our vast library of beautiful, ready-made templates that can be as creative or as classy as you need them to be. With the large volume of templates made by our team of professional designers, you will definitely find something that will fit your style.

Each of the printable templates available in this website come in multiple file formats for your convenience. Whether you are using the basic Microsoft Word file, or if you are on an advanced editing level for the Adobe Design Suite, the numerous file formats are made available for your editable, customizing convenience. With high-quality images in beautiful 300 dpi resolution and CMYK color spacing, these templates are fully customizable for you to fit your taste and premium design. Thanks to these high-resolution templates, you will not have to worry about the quality of post or print. Whichever medium you’re choosing to invite guests, you will be sure to have only the best, so feel free to look into our template database and find your perfect downloadable dinner invitation template now.

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