Breaking bad habits, achieving the best of luck, and starting it right—these are some of the people's most sought after agenda when the year comes to a close. For companies and business owners, the season means a wonderful marketing opportunity to increase their sales. There are several techniques that you can use to help you increase your reach. Put in a good mix of traditional advertising with our New Year Flyer Templates. They are professionally designed with a full flyer layout in scalable vectors. It's available in MS Word, PSD, Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, and Pages. Step up your game and download now!

What is a New Year Flyer?

A New Year flyer is a form of marketing flyer whose content centers around events and other promotional activities that happens to commemorate the coming of a new year.

How to Make a New Year Flyer

Square Up lists several promotional that would surely kickstart your year with a great start. These include adopting a festive vibe on your social media channels, hosting a countdown party, and offering sales and discounts. What else would help boost these ways than a good old New Year-themed flyers? It's traditional but equally efficient in letting your agendas known to the public eye. Below are some tips to follow in creating your flyer:

1. Establish Your Purpose

There are several ways to layout your business flyer. However, you need to create a single focus and draw your overall visual idea from there. A way to do that is to identify your purpose first. There are several events, promos, discounts, and activities that you can do to celebrate the incoming year. Determine which one is yours and do a draft of your content according to that concept. Doing your design immediately without a plan can be challenging. Do a rough copy and decide which design fits your purpose.

2. Narrow Down Your Content

Your content's initial copy could be messy, lengthy, and disorganized. A flyer is ideally brief, direct, and easy to read. In order to sort out which ones you should trash and which ones to retain, know that your flyer's goal is to attract attention and to inform. Anything that doesn't cater to these factors should be removed. The basic must-haves include information that allows you to be reachable to the public such as contact information, location, and webpage. Other details vary according to your purpose. If it's an event flyer, include who are involve (e.g., bands, guests, artists), time, and ticket pricing. For sales and marketing, the detail of the promo or the amount of the discount should be emphasized.

3. Incorporate a Call-to-Action

Your flyer will compete with all other promotional flyers distributed in the market. How will you get noticed? Visual quality is insufficient, you need to compel them to take action because that's how you'll marketing success will be rated. Include a call-to-action on your layout. This will serve as your audience's hint when they're on a decision-making trance. A simple phrase such as "Buy Now!" "Reach us at…" or "Visit us today!" can persuade them to give your service a try. On the other hand, limited stocks, huge discounts, and promos on a limited timeframe will surely urge them to make an immediate response.

4. Communicate with Your Target Audience

If you want your flyer to hit the right target, you must know they're going to be. Know your audience and design your poster in a way that would appeal to them. If you hope to attract the millennials, incorporate the trends by using social media expressions or the latest fads. If you want to appeal to a more mature market, your design can be laid back and should convey a more formal tone. However, never forget that you can never be too selective. Every people from all walks of life can see your flyer, so use simple terms to avoid technical jargon that the general audience might not be able to understand.

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