Press ID Card Templates

Are You a Journalist? with's Help, You Can Create a Professional Press ID Design with Our Single or Dual-Sided and Orientation Options. Choose a Card Template, Edit the Logo, Name, Employee Photo, Signature, Contact Info, Designation, Signature, and Afterwards, Print It on Durable Material.See more

Free Press ID Card Template, Printable, Download

Are you a journalist, reporter, or freelance photographer? With our free sample Press ID Card templates, being professional is simple. From our vertical and horizontal examples, select the template format that best suits your needs. Edit identifying data like your name and signature, and it's ready to be downloaded and printed. A lanyard can then be added.

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Do you need to cover a Japanese judo match or an American football game? To enter these events as a news reporter, anchor, cameraman, photographer, or videographer, you need a press identification card. We offer free, blank, professional, modern, or creative layouts. Select one, then go to our editor tool to add your data, background, vector symbols, and other elements. Afterwards, you can download it in different file formats like PDF, JPG, and more!