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What is a Printable Outline?

A printable outline is a type of document that shows a list of points or topics and can be printed. It gives a visual representation of your work and would establish relationships between the topics being outlined. It also helps in formulating a logical and coherent structure of a paper or document?—making it easier to translate and explain into words.

How to Write a Printable Outline

Writing is exhausting, especially when you do not know where to begin. As a workaround, you can formulate an outline before writing anything. It is usually used for a college research paper, essay, speech, etc. Most of the time, students and professionals use outline examples as their guide when making full-blown outlines. Here, we provide you certain points to include in writing a printable outline.

1. Modify your Topic and Purpose

Having a goal or objective would greatly help you emphasize your topic as it would serve as your guideline in achieving it. Writers are struggling to set their attention into the main topic and so an objective is a big help. In writing your printable outline, consider questions that would enhance it. What message do you want to convey? What do you want them to learn? These would lead you to focus more unto your message that you wanted the reader to comprehend.

2. Scribble Down your Main Ideas

Before writing your own printable outline, brainstorming would be your best resort to juice out your ideas. The main purpose of this step is to list the essential ideas that you wanted to present in your article or essay. Your main ideas can be an argument, resources, or even tips. Nevertheless, this would give you a chance to gather your ideas and create your own list that can connect to your topic.

3. Systematically List the Ideas

Rearrange the scribbled ideas that you have come up with following a correct and logical chronological order. There are many different strategies that you can use. But it would vary depending on what printable outline you would like to formulate. Once you have arranged your ideas, you can now develop the whole structure of your essay.

4. Support your Main Ideas

After deciding the order of the main ideas, support each with relevant content. Your goal in this step is to extend your main ideas for a better understanding of each point. You can include examples, facts, quotations, theories, or even anecdotes. This step may be delayed but it will help you write logical and accurate papers or documents.

5. Proofread, Finalize and Print

Writing is a repetitive cycle and most writers tend to review their piece over and over again until they are satisfied. The same thing applies when making an outline. It should be like a roadmap that would lead you exactly where you wanted to go. Finalize your simple outline and if you are confident enough, print it out and submit it to your administration.

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