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13+ Certificate of Excellence for Students – PSD, AI

In school, there will always be students who do things better than you do, but that does not mean you are incapable. It is just that they greatly excel at these certain things. Just like in any competition where there are winners and runners-up, in school, there are students who are excellent and there are some who are just okay. You may also see Certificate Templates.

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As with efforts of working hard come great rewards, students who are doing excellently with their academics are being recognized and honored for their excellence. You may also see award certificate examples.

Certificate of Excellence for Student Template

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Simple Student Certificate of Excellence Template

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With that in mind, if you are a teacher or someone who works in a higher office, it is your responsibility to give these students who excel the recognition and honor they rightly deserve. It is your job as someone who sees everything in a much better view to not let these efforts go unnoticed, to appreciate the efforts of all the students to keep them motivated and eager, and most importantly, to give value to their hard work when it calls for it.

Outstanding Student Appreciation Certificate Template

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With that said, here is a list of certificates you can use in giving out when awarding the different students and their excellence. You may also see employee excellence certificate templates.

Student Excellence Achievement Certificate


Graduation Diploma Excellence Certificate

What are the Benefits of Acknowledging a Student’s Excellent Academic Performance?

1. Provides Motivation

Students who receive an honor or recognition for being excellent feel motivated to keep what they have established themselves or even to the most extent surpass the reputation they have created for themselves. Certificates, in a way, push the student to continue his or her excellence seeing that their hard work is being recognized by those who see their overall work. You may also see blank certificate templates.

2. Boosts Confidence

Certificates, in a way, help in boosting the student’s confidence knowing that their excellence is being validated. It makes them aware that what they are doing is right and that they are actually on the right path. With that in mind, certificates give the students the confidence to do even more knowing that they are doing the things accordingly and that what they are doing is not being put in vain. You may also see sample award certificate templates.

3. Values the Work

Knowing that those students who are performing well are being recognized and honored, it values the work the student is doing. It implies that the people who oversee the overall body of work recognize how much effort one student is putting into his or her academic life, in turn, appreciating the efforts that a student has made. You may also see printable certificate templates.

4. Values the student

In line with the work of a student being valued, the student who puts in the work is being valued with it. It is inevitable that when people value a thing or an end-product, the person who put in the work is also being valued. This would tell the students that they are being looked at and not just being neglected, that all of their efforts would not go unnoticed, and that, they too, are being valued. You may also like certificate templates.

It is truly important to honor and recognize the gallant efforts of a student who constantly excel in his/her academics as this prompts them to continue to be excellent or to strive even more. And more importantly, it tells them that their work and they as a person or student is being valued since you do not let these efforts of hard work go unnoticed. You may also like free certificate templates.

Diploma Certificate of Excellence

Academic Excellence Certificate

Multi-Color Certificate of Achievment

How Can You Customize Student’s Certificate of Excellence?

There are so many ways one can acquire his or her own certificate of excellence and it depends on how one prefers to do it. For starters, there are two options common among all those who are looking to create one and that is to have it custom-made or just simply buy one that is pre-made. To begin, let us first know why people opt to go for custom-made certificates and is it the best option of the two? Having it custom-made both has its advantages and disadvantages.

Although it is a seemingly fancy option of having to get your certificate tailor-made just for you, it has a certain drawback that makes it a less ideal option between the two. Yes, you need to have a professional graphics artist who will work on your certificate; consultations transpire in order to fully get to know what you want as a client and numbers of hours spent in the making of your certificate. It is inevitable, with everything taken into account, the graphics artist will charge a hefty price tag.

Student Multipurpose Certificate

Printable Certificate of Excellence/Achievement

Multipurpose Certificate

In comparison to simply buying one pre-made, although might create a generic and mediocre notion in your mind, can be a greatly considerable option and here are the reasons why:

1. Low Price-Point

Pre-made certificates are priced at an affordable point, making this the best and ideal option out of the two. Certificates are commonly priced between $4 to $8 each. Compared to having it custom-made will really cost you a lot considering the amount of work that will be put on your certificate. You may also like certificate format templates.

2. Various Design Choices

With pre-made certificates not only are you given the basic choice of a plain white background with text on it, but you are also being presented with an array of different variants. There are certificates with modern designs, vintage, even elaborate designs; there are also fun and playful designs and of course a more professional looking design. So, there is obviously one for every different preference.

Professional Graduation Certificate

Printable Multipurpose Certificate

3. Come in Two Options

These pre-made certificates come in two different options: the horizontal or landscape option and the vertical or portrait option. Either which will definitely make your certificate striking and unique to the rest of the certificates in the market. You may also see a certificate of achievement templates.

4. Can be Made with Creativity

Although there is the notion that certificates are simple (or boring and lifeless), you can actually get creative with it. Pre-made certificates allow you to make it in the style or preference of your liking, meaning you can do whatever you want with it.

5. Easy to Edit and Customize

These pre-made certificates come in a file that is easy to edit and customize making it really easy for you to do so. They are editable and customizable from texts to fonts, colors, and sizes. At times they even come with smart object layers allowing you to move around elements in the design to create that personal and unique certificate. You may also see certificate of achievement samples.

With all of these reasons mentioned, there is no denying that pre-made certificates are a far better option out of the two. Pre-made certificates provide you with better customization option, you can create a certificate of your choice and that too at a cheaper price. Pre-made certificates have the same capability and effectivity as having it custom-made, or maybe even more considering the amount of freedom given to you.

And it actually works like a collaboration being that it is initially designed and worked on by a graphics artist and then giving you the liberty to do anything you want with it after purchasing. You may also like PSD certificate templates.

If you found this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other teachers or individual seeking the best options for their certificate of excellence.

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