15 Best Cover Letter Template & Format


If you look hard and deep, you will find many job opportunities that are well matched to your profile. Apart from the penetrative investigation of possible opportunities, candidates also need to get their cover letter template & format perfectly right to create the perfect impression on anybody who sees it. Meant to be a detailed supplement to your resume, the cover letter can make or break your case once the evaluators decide to have a look at it after going through your resume. You can depend on a top class premium cover letter template & format or look for a free yet smartly designed template that can make your application come across as one of the best from all the applications received. Also, with top class designers investing their expertise into the templates, you can be certain that you will be able to complete your seemingly tedious task of preparing a cover letter in a very short time and with superb results.

Academic cover letter


Use this template alongside the CVs for a congregated viewing experience. Professional layouts are supported whereas the printable options provide the needed boost besides the inclusion of certain pre-defined fillable sections.

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Unemployed cover letter


Put the best foot forward with this professional template featuring a well-organized layout. Better employment opportunities are ensured whereas the simplistic hierarchy is well complemented by the printable schemes.

Preview template


This is one exciting template which helps you find a job quite easily. If added with the resumes, this option provides a vibrant look and feel whereas the detailed documentation covers up every single detail.

Changing careers


Make the resumes come to life with this exclusive cover letter template with a professional outlook. The layout is printable and edits are allowed according to the user requirements besides the downloadable support.

CAD designer


This template is job specific and includes all the necessary specs based on user requirements. Pre-defined layouts can be filled and the layouts can be easily printed and downloaded for an extensive usage.

Preview template


Solve the professional intricacies with this cover letter template which can be effortlessly added with the resumes. Printable options are in picture whereas all one needs to do is to fill in the details.



Prove your professional mettle with this innovative template helping to create the best possible cover letters. The layout is extremely simplistic and puts a great impression on the recruiters besides being editable.



Resume specific cover letter are in demand and this template is no less than perfect for the cause. Format is extremely minimalistic and correct whereas the printable schemes surely pack a punch.



Be the best with this cover letter template which complements the resumes perfectly. One can make use of the simplistic layout and varied printable options which come alongside the downloadable schemes.

Sample cover


This cover letter template comes with many samples which can be looked at and zeroed in on. Varied patterns are featured whereas the print readiness and the downloadable options come in handy for the professionals.

Office templates


This template pack announces the professional upheaval with the office support and printable options. Other specs range from a downloadable framework to the inclusion of an editable and customizable layout.

Event coordinator


Index and included resumes make this template an instant hit. Professional layout is featured besides the readily downloadable options and certain top notch printable solutions for the users looking to get employed.

Company website


Cover notes are best created by this innovative template which showcases added flexibility and professional support. Indexes are available whereas the content management depends on the fillable pre-defined sections.

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