Difference Between Letter and Letterhead

Letters and letterheads are two of the most important communication tools in every company. These are meant to be circulated within different departments to reach a specific group of people depending on letter content and subject matter. A professional letter should be finalized along with a professional letterhead to become effective.

A letterhead in every letter is too important to lose for every company. Perhaps every document or letter should have a letterhead for it to better visually represent a company or a particular business. It is important to know when and when not to make good use of these communication tools, whether in tandem or separately.

Letter vs Letterhead

Every company puts great importance on letters and letterheads to improve their correspondence and communication. A specific and relevantly designed business letterhead complements a business letter in so many ways. Overall, it is able to effortlessly get attention and convince people concerned about the content of a specific communication tool.

Know the basic differences of a letter and letterhead by reading through how we have simply redefined it for you.

What Is a Letter?

A letter is either a written or a printed document about a certain subject matter to be communicated and relayed. It could be sent to a particular person or a group of people depending on its stated intention. Letters are still very much functional without letterheads for as long as it includes the basic elements from the recipient information, salutation, body, and signature.

What Is a Letterhead?

A letterhead is a printed heading on stationery documents. It comes in different types like that of a custom letterhead, an executive letterhead, and more. It is designed to come up with a heading and relay company information. Letterheads are most useful in company letters of correspondence. It is ideal for organizational or personal use and should at least be able to deliver elements like name, address, and other necessary contact information.

Individually defined above, these communication tools are indeed vital most especially in means of communication in various operating companies. Although there might be obvious differences, the effects work better when taken as one.

How a Letterhead Complements a Letter

You can have a letter without a letterhead, but you can’t have a letterhead without the letter. However, a letter is believed to have more credibility with a letterhead printed on it. It would also help readers directly identify who the letter is from. This is also one way of practically endorsing companies and the business they showcase through their letterheads.

At first glance, it is difficult to identify what a letter holds and what its intention to communicate is all about. A letter with a letterhead isn’t too difficult to identify. Aside from the reflected organization details and contact information, letterheads give the readers an idea of exactly what the letter is about right off the bat.

Company brand and identity cannot always be determined through a letter, but once a company letter is delivered with a letterhead, it becomes convenient for anyone who’s meant to read any letter of correspondence.

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