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Reference Letter Template – 102+ Free Word, PDF Document Downloads

Reference Letters, also known as Recommendation letters, are mostly used by students and professionals to showcase their past performances of excellence which, obviously, the current employer or the institute would not be aware of. These letters should have explicit mention of the projects that the candidate was a part of, and how did he exceeded expectations and brought certain new aspects to the table. It should also have mentioned the relation of the referred to ensure authenticity of the letter.

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> Character Reference Letter

Character reference letter can be sent from a peer as well as from an institute or an organization where the candidate was a part of. These letters, drafted in Word or PDF, mentions the social trait of the person as to how diligent and obedient was the candidate to the rules and regulations of the organization. [7+ Sample Character Reference Letter Templates]

Personal Reference Letter

Personal reference letters take a format and content depending upon the purpose of the reference letter. These reference letters issued by a friend, colleague or peer mentions any achievements or extra ordinary performance which they as a team achieved. These letters take the form of a Word or a PDF document. [7+ Sample Personal Reference Letter Templates]

Professional Reference Letter

Professional Reference Letters are mostly issued by a colleague working in the same project team which mentions the extra efforts and diligence shown by that particular candidate during work. These letters are prepared in the form of Word or templates with an explicit mention of the tenure of the project and the relationship of the referred to that of the candidate. [7+ Sample Professional Reference Letter Templates]

> Reference Letter for a Friend

Reference letter for a friend, though may not hold much importance in a professional scenario, but does prove to extremely useful in other situations. These letters, prepared in Microsoft Word or PDF format, highlights both the functional and behavioral traits of the person citing his key achievements and accolades. [5+ Sample Reference Letter For Friend Templates]

> Landlord Reference Letter

Clinching a rental agreement becomes much easier when the tenant possesses a certified proof of his ingenuity as a tenant. These letters drafted in Word or PDF certifies the tenant as a reliable one in terms of payment of rent, social traits, cleanliness, behavior with the neighbors and adherence to the society norms. [5+ Sample Landlord Reference Letter Templates]

Job Reference Letter

Quite similar to professional reference letters, job reference letter highlight the employability of a candidate by mentioning his past excellence as a project team member by bringing in new aspects and new viewpoints to the betterment of the project. These reference letters are mostly sent from a colleague in the form of Word or PDF. [6+ Sample Job Reference Letter Templates]

Employment Reference Letter

Employment reference letters should explicitly mention not only the performance and individual contribution and expertise but also the ability to gel well in the team and be a team player. These reference letters are provided by colleagues (peers or managers) and are drafted in the form of Word or a PDF file. [8+ Sample Employment Reference Letter Templates]

Reference Letter for Teacher

A reference letter for teacher should not only advocate the subject knowledge of the person but also highlight the empathy and the management skills that the person possesses. These letters created in the form of PDF or Word format should cite examples of how the person controlled and managed students to bring the best out of them. [6+ Sample Reference Letter for Teacher Templates]

Business Reference Letter

Reference letters do prove to be extremely efficient and effective in a business scenario especially for B2B deals. These letters, apart from highlighting the functional expertise of the business, should also take into consideration the consulting & entrepreneurial skills of the business. These letters are created in Word or PDF format. [6+ Sample Business Reference Letter Templates]

Bank Reference Letter

Bank reference letters are useful for users who wish to open an account or apply for a loan in a bank. These reference letters prove the reliability of the user in terms of risk profiling that particular candidate. These letters should ideally be issued from a bank account holder in the form of Word or PDF format. [7+ Sample Bank Reference Letter Templates]

Tenant Reference Letter

Analogous to landlord reference letter, tenant reference letters highlight the reliability and the authenticity of the prospective tenant as a trustworthy person. These letters drafted in Word or PDF format mention the social nature of the person and his adherence to the terms and conditions as prescribed in the contract. [5+ Sample Tenant Reference Letter Templates]

College Reference Letter

College reference letters do work wonders in helping students get to their dream universities and institutes. These letters issued by previous mates or by the educational institute should mention not only the good grades that the student may have scored but also the overall performance of the student in varied fields. These letters are in the form of Word or PDF. [6+ Sample College Reference Letter Templates]

> Rental Reference Letter

Rental reference letter, must similar to tenant reference letter, should most importantly highlight the fact that the tenant was extremely regular in payment of rent on a monthly basis. In addition to that, their social acceptability and hygiene are the other important traits which should be mentioned. These letters are mostly drafted in Word or PDF format. [7+ Sample Rental Reference Letter Templates]

Credit Reference Letter

Credit reference letter should explicitly mention the paying behavior of the person so as to convey the fact that the risk associated with that particular person is minimal. These reference letters often take the form of a Word or a PDF format should mention the previous assignments on credit and the trustworthiness of the person. [6+ Sample Credit Reference Letter Templates]

Immigration Reference Letter

Immigration reference letters prove to be a helpful tool for any foreign trips or visits especially for getting their visas approved. These reference letters should have mention of any previous such foreign engagements and the adherence to the laws of the land and the social & cultural traits of that particular region. [5+ Immigration Reference Letter Templates]

Adoption Reference Letter

Love and caring nature of a couple is a must for adoption approvals which is what should be highlighted in adoption reference letters. These letters of reference should have citations or examples portraying the loving nature of the prospective parents and their ability to nurture the kid in a proper manner. [5+ Sample Adoption Reference Letter Templates]

Babysitter Reference Letter

Reference letters for babysitters are extremely important in the sense no parents tend to give the responsibility of their babies to any starter or inexperienced babysitter. These letters drafted in the form of Word or PDF should highlight the person’s previous experience as babysitter and also the tenure of the same. [4+ Sample Babysitter Reference Letter Templates]

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