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Termination Letter – 104+ Free Word, PDF Documents Download!

Have you ever heard the word termination letter before? Well, this is a letter written by an employer to an employee or an employee to an employer. Employees will use termination letter templates to write simple notes telling their bosses they have decided to quit their current job at the company. Employers send these letters to employees to inform them that their services are no longer required. The template can be downloaded for free from online.

93+ FREE & Premium Termination Letter Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

> Free Termination Letter

There are many free termination letter templates online. You can download any of these for free. These templates are for people who really have no time to create templates on their own. You can use the template as a guide to help you write the best letter of termination. Get the template for free today. [15+ Free Termination Letter Templates]

> Lease Termination Letter

Do you want to move out of an apartment soon but have no idea how to explain to the property owner that you intend to move out? Use a Lease termination letter template. This is a letter template used by many tenants to communicate their evacuation intensions. The letter must highlight reasons why you intend to move out of the apartment. [6+ Lease Termination Letter]

> Contract Termination Letter

You can terminate a contract before its expiry date. But whatever the reason for terminating a contract, you need to write a contract termination letter to document them. Remember, no one has the right to prevent you from terminating a contract, and, as long as you have valid reasons for doing this, the process should be smooth. Use this template as a guide to write a termination letter.[10+ Contract Termination Letter]

> Employee Termination Letter

Employee termination letters are written by employees who wish to stop working for their companies and organization. A number of reasons you may write and send a termination letter include lack of job motivation, lack of job recognition or being in the wrong job. There may be other reasons, so, document them professionally in a termination letter template.[10+ Employee Termination Letter]

> Termination of Services Letter

You can terminate a contract of service if you are not happy with your current service provider, no longer need a service or found a better service provider. The best way to do this is by writing a termination of services letter. You can download a free template in word format and use it as a guide to writing your own letter.[9+ Termination of Services Letter]

> Rental Termination Letter

Whether you want to move to a new apartment in a new neighborhood or you built your own house, you cannot just leave your current home without sending a notification to your landlord. Therefore, use a rental termination letter template to send them a notice about your intention to leave their premises.[10+ Rental Termination Letter]

> Job Termination Letter

Although writing a job termination letter isn’t as easy as writing a job application letter, you may have no choice than to do it anyway. But you should write this letter only if you are sure you really want to quit your current job. There are many benefits of writing this letter as far as your personal development is concerned, so feel free to download and use a free termination letter template.[10+ Job Termination Letter]

> Patient Termination Letter

Patient termination letters can be written either by a doctor or by the patient’s caretakers. There are high quality templates that you can download for free, but the best you can download for termination letter writing is the patient termination letter. This template is easy to customize, and it is free to download.[8+  Patient Termination Letter]

> Service Termination Letter

Have you hired a service that isn’t giving you the value for your money? Send them a service termination letter today and explain, to the service provider(s), why their services are no longer required. They service provider will terminate the business relationship both of you have as soon as they receive this letter.[10+ Service Termination Letter]

> Daycare Termination Letter

It is impossible to get your child out of their current daycare before the contract expires. But you can still express your disinterest in their current school by sending daycare termination letter. This letter explains reasons why you don’t want your child in their current daycare. Once the supervisor at the daycare receives this letter, they will let you have your child.[10+ Daycare Termination Letter]

> Partnership Termination Letter

You can terminate a partnership agreement as soon as you realize you are not interested in it anymore. There are many reasons why partners dissolve the business, the least of which is misunderstanding between or among partners. So, just write a partnership termination letter to break the business relationship.[6+ Partnership Termination Letter]

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93+ FREE & Premium Termination Letter - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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