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7+ Baby Shower Gift Cards

A baby shower is a celebration of an expected or a newly delivered birth of a baby. Aside from sharing this joyous occasion with the family and friends of the parents, this party aims to present gifts to aid in the healthy development of the baby. This event has many names in the different parts of the world, but its objectives are pretty much the same.

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It may be less pronounced than other big events, but baby showers are actually a gigantic industry. If you are in the business that caters to baby showers and are in need of gift cards to contribute to clients, we have looked to the internet for you for the best  Gift Card Designs fitting for the occasion.

Baby Shower Invitation Gift Card


Baby Shower Thank-You Gift Card


Baby Girl Shower Gift Card


Personalized Baby Shower Gift Card


More Baby Shower Gift Card Templates Here

It is estimated that in America alone, parents spend around $12,000 on the first year of their babies. This is a pretty hefty amount, considering that they are projected to spend higher as the child’s age increases as well.

This is why in baby showers, parents appreciate getting gift cards nowadays as they are given the leeway on which products or services to obtain to assist with the baby’s needs. Here are some baby shower gift Card Templates that new parents are sure to be ecstatic to receive:

  • Baby Shower Invitation Gift Card – Why not create a card with a dual purpose? With this template, you can invite guests over and ask for the gift of cash instead. Invitees can use this invitation card to write down the amount that they are giving as a gift (with the coordination of the supplying establishment of course) and you can exchange this card for items of your own choosing.
  • Baby Shower Thank-You Gift Card – This template has somewhat the same purpose as the Baby Shower Invitation Gift Card, only you send this after the party and guests can fill it up with the amount and sent the gift card back to you or directly to the establishment.

Funny Baby Shower Gift Card


Christian Baby Shower Gift Card


Handmade Baby Shower Gift Card


Vintage Baby Shower Gift Card


More Baby Shower Gift Cards

Gift cards are also some of the most cost-effective marketing ploys for companies to use to get their name and products out to consumers. Plus, new parents prefer to receive gift cards as they can specifically choose the item that suits their lifestyle and personalities. Here are more Baby Shower Cards that we have scoured form the internet that new parents would look forward to getting:

  • Funny Baby Shower Gift Card – The arrival of a new baby is a fun and exciting occasion for everyone. To create more cheer on the occasion, use this funny baby shower gift card to tickle your audience’s funny bone. The best part is, this gift card is gender neutral, so parents can continue to keep the sex of the baby a secret until the day of the party itself.
  • Christian Baby Shower Gift Card – Religious communities are quick to throw parties for expectant mothers as it is an opportunity to bless the mother and the baby with gifts and tips for an easy childbirth. For religious parents, this is the gift card that they are sure to appreciate. Customize the gift card with a bible verse to create a more personal feel.

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