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6+ Birthday Gift Card Templates

Gift cards are predesigned pieces of cards with greetings on it, typically given on certain occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas, or other holidays. These type of cards are also sent to convey sentiments or other feelings. They are also usually packaged with an envelope that comes with different styles, forms, and designs; and gift cards also contain various colors and short messages.

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Since we are talking about gift cards, birthdays are one of those celebrations where we offer gift cards. In case you are looking for cards like these, no need for you to look anywhere else. We’ve got you covered. With our awesome birthday gift card templates, for sure you and your recipient will like it! Go ahead and check them out.

Happy Birthday Gift Card Template


Funny Birthday Gift Card Template


Printable Birthday Gift Card Template


Personalized Birthday Gift Card Template


The First Birthday Recorded

The birthday is the day win which we celebrate the day we were born in this world and consists of friends, coworkers, and loved ones honoring your special day. In almost all legal systems in the world, a person is considered legally an adult between the ages twelve and twenty-one, which entails certain rights and responsibilities.

The very first recorded birthday appears in the Bible in the Old Testament where Joseph the Dreamer served the Egyptian pharaoh on his birthday. In some polytheistic cultures, birthdays are intertwined with astrology as the stars often help predict an individual’s future destinies.

Blowing Candles!

Blowing out candles has been a long-standing tradition in many birthdays in the annals of time. But how did we get to adding this ritual in birthday celebrations?

Candles were lit to create a glow in them like that of the moon, a well-known symbol associated with Artemis (the Greek goddess of the moon, wild animals, hunting, and childbirth and sister of Apollo). A lot of ancient cultures also believe that smoke will carry their prayers to the heavens.

Read on to learn how to download the gift card templates we have on our website.

DIY Birthday Gift Card Template


Disney Birthday Gift Card Template


Sample Birthday Gift Card Template


There are a lot of places in the world where birthdays are celebrated with parties and specially made cakes, which are decorated with lettering and the celebrant’s age is presented. The cake is habitually sprinkled with the same number of lit candles as the celebrant’s age or a number candle representing his or her age. After the blowing of candles, the celebrant will then make a silent wish. If it is a success, the wish will come true. On the other hand, wishes must remain secret or else it won’t be granted.

One of the things that a celebrant will receive apart from gifts is a gift card. And if you are still looking for a perfect gift card design, then time for you to check out our collection. These are the best deal.

Why Choose Our Designs?

  1. Each comes with great image quality.
  2. Colors are catchy and designs are not too harsh to look at.
  3. You can download them straight to your computer or laptop.
  4. These are all printable.

Birthdays will be more meaningful with our birthday gift cards or birthday card templates, so go ahead and download them now! You may also share this to your friends—they will like it for sure. 

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