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Nature is beautiful. Imagine waking up to the chirping of the birds, the early morning sunlight hitting your face through the window, and feeling the gentle blow of the wind from the sea. Imagine the waves lapping on the shore and the mountains that overlook the whole island. You get to see how beautiful nature is and think about how lucky you are for being in this world.

Some people like the idea of being one with nature. They find comfort and refuge in its beauty and tenderness. They trek mountains, go to the beach, walk around the woods and go to a nature park. As a way of greeting them, you can use nature greeting cards to depict their love for nature.

Watercolor Dragonfly Art Note Card – Set of 4 Greeting Cards

Watercolor Dragonfly Art Note Card - Set of 4 Greeting Cards

Sunflower Nature Greeting Card

 Sunflower Nature Greeting Card

More On Nature Greeting Cards

A nature greeting card is a small card that gives warm greeting to someone. The greeting can be anything. The design is more focused on the beauty of nature, such as the meeting of the sun and the sea, shore line, mountains, animals, and plants. These cards are bursting with colors and a feast to the eyes. It will be appreciated by people who love the nature so much.

In making a nature greeting card, you need to look for a template online. Make sure the source is secured so it would not do harm on your computer. Check your photo editing applications if they still work. Update to the latest version to avoid lag and crashes when you use them. Always remember to save your file by pressing Ctrl + S in your keyboard. When an app crashes or the power suddenly cut off, any unsaved changes are hard to retrieve.

Since nature greeting cards are colorful in nature, you just need to make little adjustments before you get it printed. Or if you want to make your own greeting card, you can download a free photo of nature online and use it as a design. On the cover, you can put in a few words of greetings. You can write more greetings on the inside of the card, if you plan to make it foldable.

Make one last run through on your design before saving the file and having it printed. You might need some re-adjustments when you see the imperfections in it. Make the design as colorful and minimal as possible. It should leave a striking effect to whoever receives it. One tip about designing greeting cards is making it in a way that the card can be kept as a token. Nature lovers will surely love the design of your card. It will make them smile with delight and warmth.

Watercolor Nature Greeting Card

Watercolor Nature Greeting Card

Set of 8 Nature Inspired Floral Illustration Greeting Card

Set of 8 Nature Inspired Floral Illustration Greeting Card

Fall Leaf Photo Greeting Card

Fall Leaf Photo Greeting Card

Why People Reconnect With The Nature

Life can get so hard and pretty stressful for all of us. Stress can take so much toll in our bodies that we just want to disappear to a faraway place and never come back. Most of us turn to nature for refuge and comfort. We end up planning trips to the countryside to enjoy life away from the bustling metropolis. We set aside a few days to regain all the energy we lost from working, and to keep ourselves sane as well.

There are many reasons why people reconnect with nature. First, it is to release all the stress. The nature offers a soothing silence to the burdened soul. Try walking along the woods and listen to the rustling of falling leaves, or walking along the shoreline while allowing the gentle waves to hit your feet. It creates a relaxing feeling to enjoy these sounds other than those you usually here. Your thoughts go elsewhere and makes you think that life is good.

Second, reconnecting with nature helps you appreciate its beauty. Everything is natural and not man-made. The nature offers so much of itself to us in its plainest of ways. All we have to do is look and appreciate the beauty it has. This kind of beauty transcends beyond postcards and Instagram photos.

Third, people reconnect with nature to think about their life. The silence offers the person an unlimited time to think about his life. We hit the rock bottom at one point in our life, and we just don’t know how to get back up. Reconnecting with nature does this job of making us think of our next move. After so much thinking, we get to arrive at a decision that is best for us to do.

Elf House Nature Greeting Card

Elf House Nature Greeting Card

How To Save Mother Nature

We have to face the fact that our nature is slowly deteriorating. It is unstoppable. If we do not act now, the future of the generations after us will suffer the consequences of our selfishness. In small ways, let us do our part in saving the nature before it is too late.

1. Conserve water.

Our seas are slowly rising and our water resources are getting drier by the minute. Conserve water by turning off the faucet when not in use. You can also use rainwater to water your plants. Every drop counts. Imagine living in a world with less water, when it is what we need every single day to survive. Conserving water now will give back benefits to us in the future.

2. Recycle non-biodegradable trash.

Plastic gets rotten after hundreds of years. It has been proven harmful to the environment. The plastic being thrown to the sea are being eaten by marine creatures which lead to their death. When plastic is being burned, it pollutes the air with its chemicals. Recycle plastic and make into something useful. Watch some video tutorials online for ways on how to turn plastic into useful things. It can be reused in many ways.

3. Use eco bags.

Eco bags are now used to minimize the use of plastic. These are sturdy bags made of fabric such as canvas. Eco bags, along with paper bags, have become an alternative to plastic bags. It is now used in supermarkets and department stores.

4. Walk down on short distances.

There is nothing wrong with buying a car or any means of transportation, but you can use it for longer trips. To help save mother nature, you can walk on short distances instead of using your car. It helps in exercising your body as you walk from one point to another. You get to breathe some fresh air. It also saves you from using too much gasoline and spending so much money for it. Reserve your car for long trips and for driving from your home to your workplace. However, if your workplace is just near your home, you can just walk.

5. Conserve electricity.

Turn off the lights when not in use. It minimizes your usage of electricity and power. It also saves you from paying so much for electricity when the monthly dues come along. You also need to use energy efficient light bulbs. These bulbs use less power than other light bulbs.

6. Plant trees, fruits and vegetables.

Planting trees, fruits and vegetables brings back the natural cycle of photosynthesis as leaves grow. It also gives you the right kind of food to eat and the natural cooling effect without using an air conditioner. Maintain these plants by watering them everyday. By planting trees, you are giving the animals the natural habitat they need. Harvest the fruits and vegetables when they are ripe enough to be eaten. Do not use pesticides to make them grow. Go for organic fertilizers so your fruits and vegetables don’t get mixed up with chemicals.

7. Participate in coastal cleanup.

People leave a lot of trash when they go to the beach. It is inevitable and it takes so much discipline to leave the beach clean. There are beach cleanups scheduled by the local government. Be active by joining in those kinds of events. Such activities include cleaning the coastal area and the sea. You can certainly save mother nature with that.

Nature And Climate Change

As society develops more ways to make life easier, the beauty of nature is being sacrificed and wasted. The technological advancement has done so much harm to the world. We feel its consequences now as the world gets warmer. The ice in the opposite poles are melting and animals in those areas are losing their habitat. The sea levels are rising. If it keeps on rising, it will wash away cities situated near the sea. People will eventually lose their homes. We now have crueler storms and summers than we had in the past decades. The future generation shall bear the consequences of our reckless actions. Climate change is unstoppable. We must act now to curb its effects before it gets the best of us.


Nature greeting cards are handy and easy to make. It boosts our love for nature. Making a design for it enhances our creativity in minimalism and experimenting with colors. There’s so much to love about nature and we can reflect it on how we design our greeting cards. If you have found the right design, you can start making it now and unleash the creative juices in you.

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