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Well wishing is the simple act of wishing another person well. Wishing someone well is also simply hoping all the best for them. This simple act of kindness is most common in different events in a person’s life and is surprisingly applicable no matter if that person is at a high point in his or her life or at a low.

You can most definitely wish someone well in different ways, some enunciate the phrase and some do by means of a card. Although both share the same intent and objective, which is to wish someone good, both have differences that can be of benefit in the long run. Going for a more tangible option, which is by having it in a card, is a gesture that not only reifies your sincerity but also proves that a person is willing to go the extra mile to make another person feel good, not only of themselves but also of every step they take in life. With that said, here is a list of well wishes cards an individual can use for different events.

Love Hearts Wedding Wishing Well Card


Wedding Wishing Well Card Printable


Simple Gold Calligraphy Wedding Wishing Well Card


Well Wishes Cards: Wedding and Hospitalization

This is the two most common affairs in one’s life where a well-wishes card is most applicable. This is where well wishes become a gesture of both pride and concern, for excitement and hope. Although the two events are of different magnitude, a well wishes card stands firm in its intent and objective— to wish the person(s) well.

For weddings, it is a custom to wish the couple well as they embark on a new chapter of their life together. It is a simple gesture that shows pride, happiness, and joy for both the persons involved. Furthermore, well wishes come in different forms for a wedding; it could be written or disguised as a different phrase, but the intent and thought are very similar. Some say it in various ways such as “wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness” or “may the love you share today grow stronger as you grow old together”.

For hospitalization, this is most common when a person has spent numbers of days in a hospital or is in grave danger. In this case, well wishes connote concern and hope, where a person hopes for another person to get well soon or be better in health the soonest. This gesture and act of concern directly affect the family, as the outpour of love will manifest through the well-wishes card they will receive in the duration of the person’s recovery. It is simple, but it is heartfelt and touching.

Wedding Advice Cards


Chic Hand Lettered Gold Wedding Wishing Well Card


Well Wishes Card Template


Wishing Well | Rustic Wood Mason Jar Lights Lace Card


What are the benefits of a well-wishes cards?

Just like any gesture showing well-wishes, opting to do it or say it through a card bears benefits that most fail to recognize. With this simple act of concern or pride, a well-wishes card entails benefits to a person that he or she can carry on for the rest of their life. With that said, here is a list of benefits with choosing to go for a well-wishes card.

It can be kept as a memorabilia

Taking into account that it is in a card, it is a physical and tangible medium, it can actually be kept as memorabilia for keepsakes. The person(s) receiving the card will be able to keep it for as long they get to live and also be able to look back on it when reminiscing calls for. That is definitely one of the beauties of going for a card because it has the capacity to hold memories and be an object of nostalgia.

It can make the receiver feel loved

Giving out a  well-wishes card could mean two things on various occasions. It could mean pride for the milestone that a person has achieved or it could mean concern for the well-being of the individual. Whatever it is intended for, although greatly varies, the receivers commonly feel the same, and it is that they are loved. And, with such simple and sincere gesture of giving out a card, it could only fill the recipient’s heart with so much joy and love.

It can elicit sincerity

It is not always easy to express how one feels, much more evoking how they feel by enunciating it to the person they wish to address it to. Expressing your emotions or yourself entirely can be a struggle, but a card can be used to aid that. By simply writing down what you think and how you feel, you are already expressing yourself to the person it is intended for.

When you take the time to sit down and put to words how you truly feel, it wil translate to the recipient as a simple, sweet, and sincere gesture. There is also the inevitability of them seeing how sincere you are through this gesture.

Wishing Well Card Template


Get Well Soon! Card


Get Well Soon Printable Card


What should be on your well-wishes card?

Aside from the obvious prewritten well-wishes phrase or however it is said, there are also other things that should be on your well-wishes card. These pieces of information or design elements altogether create a more unique and personalized card. Though each card is different, they all share the same information which is just probably said differently. With that said, here is a list of design elements and pieces of information that you can put on your well-wishes card.

A photo that is related to the event intended for the card

Depending on what or where the card is intended for, putting a photo that is related to it will add to its design element. For weddings, you can maybe put in a photo of two rings or two hands bound together. For hospitalization, you can go for a hospital bed image or a nurse. By simply doing this, will right away give the recipient and whoever gets to see the card an idea of what or where it is intended for.

It is also best if you place the photo on the cover page to give you ample space to write down your own personal message on the other page.

A prewritten well-wishes phrase

However you wish to say it, it is ideal to have a prewritten well-wishes phrase on the card. For weddings, you can say it as “may the years ahead be filled with lasting joy” or as “may the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years”, even as “may your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine”. Then, for hospitalization well-wishes card, you can simply put it as “get well soon!” or “hoping for your fast recovery”. Although said differently, the idea and thought are basically the same in each.

Name of the recipient

It is important to address who the card is for and to do so, you only have to put in the name of the recipient of the card. Names are important in giving out cards as they make it more personal and unique. Considering that names are unique and personal to each individual, having it in cards will also make the recipient more special and loved. Especially when the personal message is handwritten and whole-heartedly written.

Personal Message

With the ample space left for you, you are given the opportunity and privilege to write down your very own personal message directly on the card or the option to do it on a different piece of paper for the recipient. This message can vary depending on what the occasion is, but the intent is similar. You can write in varying tones like in a meaningful way, a serious one, or even in funny tone, but never forget to make it heartfelt and sincere.

Having a personal message on the card will simply make the recipient more special and loved, considering that you took the time to write down and put into words how you feel for them. And, ultimately with a card, they will feel most loved and cherished. If efforts and gestures speak a thousand words, what more when there are a thousand more in the card?

If you found this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other individuals seeking the best and perfect well-wishes cards to use for both a wedding event and an unfortunate hospitalization, to express their genuine pride and sympathy to the person involved.


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