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Snowflake Pattern – 20+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Snowflakes are ice crystals. Whether it is winters or summers, you do not have to wait for the snow to fall to prepare your snowflake patterns. Well that was just a joke, but crafting with Snowflakes Patterns is really pretty and quite simple to make anytime you want. You just require a white paper or origami paper, scissors, mini stapler, glue and a tape.

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> Design your house with unique 3D Paper Snowflake

3D Paper Snowflake patterns are 3 dimensional that provide an aesthetic appeal to the surroundings when hanged on a wall or a window. It is also a fun and creative element for both children and seniors as they can decorate the place with different options like for Christmas, on table to serve food, as crystals droops and much more.

> Symmetry is the key for snowflake art

Snowflakes are in radical symmetry which means that it will have all the parts of snowflake shapes to cut out and size same around their centers. There are various other things in the world of nature that are radically symmetrical like the bicycle wheels, oranges some flowers, pumpkins etc. The symmetry of snowflakes pattern is in form of hexagon that means it will have six parts or dimensions. To create a snowflakes Paper Pattern, it needs to be cut into 6 prongs, and every single part will be the same. Then the paper is folded into 6 pie-shaped pieces and every piece should then be cut together. Six similar parts are obtained that unfolds into a hexagon snowflake and you are done.

Vector Christmas Snowflake Pattern


Vintage Snowflake Pattern


Colorful Snowflake Pattern


Winter Snowflake Pattern


Nature Snowflake Pattern


10 Seamless Snowflake Pattern


Graphic Snowflake Pattern


Chinese Snowflake Pattern


Frost Snowflake Pattern


Frozen Snowflake Pattern


Xmas Snowflake Pattern


Mosaic Snowflake Pattern


Different Modern Snowflakes Pattern


Decor Snowflake Pattern


Collection of Snowflake Pattern


Designed Snowflake Pattern


Decorative Snowflake Pattern


Seamless Snowflakes Pattern Tile


Snowflakes Pattern Set


> Do’s and Don’ts

  • Fasten your snowflake with a yarn if you make a hole in it and cover top the snowflake with glitter, shimmer or glue which will result in a beautiful ornament.
  • If you are sketching the design for snowflake prior to cutting then you could achieve some interestingly intricate patterns.
  • Use a coffee filter if you are unable to cut out a proper circle and just fold it half.
  • Copier paper can be used to make symmetrical snowflakes and they are nice for hanging but may also. Laminate your snowflakes when finally prepared, for long-life.
  • Try n avoid construction paper to make snowflakes as they are tough to cut due to sturdiness. Also the 6 parts will be asymmetrical so there would be no appropriateness.
  • There would be so much of the leftover of the snowflake and you can simply recycle it or prepare a crown, star war snowflake patterns or stick-on for your child as your creativity allows.

> Know the best method to preserve snowflakes

The snowflakes are needed to be protected from the direct sunrays. Pick a finish that is inclusive of UV protection or a clear spray-on lacquer is a good option.

> Warnings

While making snowflakes or any Snowflakes artwork like sparkled ice crystals or hangings, do not use type of hot glue as it may burn or tear off the paper.

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49+ FREE & Premium Free Snowflake Vector Images - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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